Essentials 6 and 8 in Nursing Practice

Learning in Relation to Each Specific Essential

The curriculum used for training nurses today is developed in a way that it endeavors to deliver all the essentials for the provision of quality health care as a registered nurse. Communication is the backbone of continued and up to standard health care provided to the patients. Various documentation materials that are used in the hospital are also introduced during the clinical training with the importance of each being emphasized. The major ones among the communication documents are the cardex and the observation charts of the patients. The two documents carry crucial information that goes a long way to the provision of quality health care to the patients (American Association of Colleges of Nursing, 2008).

Collaboration with colleagues is paramount towards revision of quality health care. The health care providers are a group of individuals with different specializations. The patient at any given time needs more than one group of health care providers. For instance, for the bed reader patients, the need for a physiotherapist, physician and nurse is inevitable. Therefore, at the nursing school students get trained on the importance of collaboration. Job description of each personnel is introduced for the ease of collaboration. At the hospital setup during the clinical training, the issue of collaboration is so much vibrant and it is evident with better collaboration between the health care professionals (Burhans & Alligood, 2010).

Professionalism and professional values are highly upheld in the nursing training. In the code of conduct and the professional ethics course, all the issues about professionalism are dealt with accordingly. Treatment of patients with dignity and indiscrimination are among the issues that the nurses are trained to adhere to. The behavior in the workplace and handling of patients goes a long way to ensuring quality health care.

Validating Learning to Each Specific Essential

Interpersonal communication and collaboration have been important in the hospitals during the clinical rotations. In the hospital, I realized the importance of continued communication on the progress of the patients and collaborating with other professionals and colleagues. For instance, the patients who solely depend on the nurse to perform their activities daily, cannot give an account of the treatment he or she has gone through. Therefore to avoid mismanagement of the patient there is a dying need to communicate each detail so as to familiarize with the patients’ status of health (Burhans & Alligood, 2010).

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Professionalism and professional values are based on the fact that treatment of patients should uphold humanity. From the rotations in the hospital, I realized that the social justification is important in fostering the healing process in the patients. With partial treatment of the patients, one will cause poor health outcome. The outcome is due to the stress the patients may suffer from or poor health care provided (Morrison & Symes, 2011). There is an appreciation of each professional’s duty in a bid to providing quality health care. When a patient needs services of any professional, I have experienced a good collaboration and consulting among professionals in the process.

Future Learning Needs

In providing quality patient care, a nurse must have the skills needed to maneuver the problem. At the moment, the skills to collaborate and coordinate with the whole team in the wards or health care provision are a paramount for it needs proper coordination and attitude to get through. The right attitude towards the care of patients is paramount too. Attitude plays a great role in determining the overall relationship with the patients. Therefore, a positive attitude towards all the patients is paramount and essential in the provision of the right quality health care. To obtain the right attitude needs apprenticeship training and hands on training while learning from the nurses that are already in the hospital.

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