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Fostering Employee Empowerment

Employee empowerment is a term that has been in the circles of most organization management. It is notable that not all employers understand the concept resulting to very few putting it into practice. According to Emerson (2012), many managers fear empowering employees as they view it as a way of relinquishing their responsibility and control of the organization. However, there are many benefits associated with real employee empowerment (Terry, 2009). Some of them are discussed in this text.

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Empowerment results in increased productivity. If employees invest in the company, they will also serve their best interests as they foster a stronger work ethic. Employee efficiency increases over time as they learn their responsibilities with minimal interference. This allows the management more time to attend to their responsibilities, which increases productivity.

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Empowerment improves employee morale at the work place. This occurs as a result of more autonomy granted to the employees and their involvement in decisions and policy making that directly affects their job (Lowe, 2010). Treating employees as an asset raises their confidence which results in significant gains in terms of productivity and loyalty.

Employee empowerment also results in cultivation of innovation. Employees with a stake in the company’s growth and sustainability will certainly offer solutions and ideas when a problem arises. It is common for employees to have a different view concerning particular issues. Empowerment will result in creative solutions better than the manager’s solution.

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Empowerment results in team cohesion. The autonomy granted to employees fosters better relationships between employees and their managers (Evans & Lindsay, 2008). The manager and the employees mutually benefit from their working relationship. Generally, empowerment reduces employee turnover as most stay longer in the organizations.

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