How to Write a Book Report without Reading a Book

Book report writing is an activity that requires you to actually read the book and then write about it. It is a good news if the assignment is on the book you like and read. However, it is not always a case. Students know that they do not always receive tasks to their liking. Book report writing on a book you have not read or do not like is exactly among those nasty assignments. What can be done in this case? How to get your A+ for a book review you are about to fail? Copy/pasting of a book review from the Internet is not an option as it can lead to serious problems because of the plagiarism. So, what to do? There is an answer to this question in this article!

Watch the Movie

Watching a book adaptation is one of the fastest and best ways to make your mind about the book without actually reading it. However, you should be careful with that! If the filmmaker takes a liberty to mess with the plot, the movie may not be very helpful and you may have problems with your professor. Try to find a film that represents the events of the book accurately enough to write a book review. It is recommended to find out more about the movie and its connection to the book. If it is exactly what you have been looking for, you can even turn it into a funny pastime combining education and spending some time with your friends. Grab some Coke, pizza and invite friends who have the same problem as you do. Studying does not always have to be boring!

Ask the Internet for Help

With the appearance of the Internet, all information has become available. Just type in the key words and press the “Enter” button to find a literature review on any book you want. It will not only help you get an insight into the book plot but will also help you find additional information related to the main themes discussed in the book and its main characters. All you have to do now is to filter necessary information and create your own book review. Some students will consider such method of review writing a fraud. However, it is also a part of a studying process. Besides, you will definitely learn something new. It may even happen that the information found on the Internet will open your eyes on things you have not understood before and you will actually want to read the book… later.

Read Wikipedia Articles

Wikipedia is another source of useful information. It will provide you with information not only on the book itself but also on the primary sources used, which can be cited in the paper.

So, you may not always have time to read a book to write a high-quality review. The most important is to know where to look for a necessary information.


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