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Romeo and Juliet

While writing an essay on Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, one gets a perfect chance to get a fresh look on the core events of the play and reconsider its main issues and ideas. Besides, preparing an essay on the topic Romeo and Juliet assists a student in mastering his/her academic writing skills and broadening his/ her outlook concerning this prominent and worldwide known masterpiece. All in all, when students learn how to properly distinguish the main topics of the play, they obtain great knowledge of how to think critically and analytically.

Essay on Romeo and Juliet

The fascinating masterpiece Romeo and Juliet created by William Shakespeare is regarded as the greatest and saddest love story ever in the history of world literature. Moreover, the tragedy of the play has become one of the most vividly discussed and researched concepts in the world literature. One of the key topics of the play is the romantic love between Romeo and Juliet, which also sets the background for the rest of the events taking place. The themes covered by Shakespeare in this play have been perceived differently from one generation to another. However, each epoch has found its own topical and relevant issue corresponding to its lifestyle. Among the numerous subjects found in Romeo and Juliet, most readers distinguish the following: love, gender, and doubleness.


The feeling of love between Juliet and Romeo is depicted in different forms in the play: contractual, physical, romantic, and sensual. In addition, the feeling of love is an integral topical component that unites different aspects of the sophisticated play, thus making the romance between two main characters the leading focus. The whole story makes emphasis on the ways characters demonstrate their emotions and feelings and express the importance of love in their lives. With the turn of events, the characters’ feelings become more and more intense, thus leading to certain consequences around which the plot revolves and provides some explicit evidence of the nature of their way of conduct.


If you take into consideration all the themes given in Romeo and Juliet from the modern point of view, it is obvious that the concept of gender is touched upon in it as well. When analyzing the play, one may find stereotypical descriptions of masculine features that are still present in our society. For example, many of Romeo’s actions are severely criticized as such that are not inherent in males’ nature.


The way Shakespeare depicts events and occurrences that revolve around his characters vividly demonstrate the doubleness that is present in the world. Shakespeare introduces numerous symbols in the play that help reveal this notion. In particular, the very notion of love represents its two-sided nature with its positive and negative sides.

It is evident that Shakespeare’s play still remains a topical literary work even in the modern days. Despite the fact that it was already researched and investigated by many literary critics, it still has numerous new perspectives to offer. Besides, the play has numerous interpretations and the topic of love is not the only one that can be noticed in the play.

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