How to Make a Book Review Interesting for Children?

Writing a book review is not an easy thing, especially, when the intended audience is children. There is a constant question how to light the sparkle of interest in the smallest readers. Which types of instruments should a good author apply?

To begin with, a critic should try to understand the feelings and values of the young generation. What is more, it is important to estimate an idea somebody wanted to interpret and its moral content.

The main critic’s task is the description of the thoughts and emotional states, which a book might cause. It should be done in order parents could easily understand whether this piece of writing is appropriate for their little one. A review has to evaluate and in a shortened form provide information on the children’s interests contained in a publication. Therefore, here are some pieces of advice on how to write a successful book review for boys and girls, which will encourage reading and will increase the popularity of such an activity.

One more important detail is a psychological point. If a writer is not able to comprehend the youngsters’ way of thinking and perceiving the World, they would hardly trust him / her. In addition, adults would also like to find some information oriented on their audience. The analysis has to define the aim of this certain piece of writing. What should the critic wish for is to catch the attention of kids and persuade them to read.

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 The Main Points which Should Be Considered in the Book Review:

  1. First of all, present the name of the book and the person who wrote it.
  2. The next step is the reproduction of the storyline and highlighting the most intriguing moments of it.
  3. If the previous items are already concluded, the critic should go on giving a personal comment. She or he has a possibility to express own emotions and attitude. There is a chance to tell about the favorite moments and heroes, which are worth admiration.
  4. Then, it is a high time to provide a characteristic of the main hero. It is necessary to pay attention to the deeds of the protagonist, whose achievements should be the behavior examples for the readers. This positive personality usually conveys good qualities, such as bravery, warm-heartedness, and generosity. A protagonist is usually supposed to defend the forces of the good side and conquer evil.
  5. In the last paragraphs, it is needed to evaluate the printed work from the literary point of view. The factor, which matters, is the style of writing. Additionally, you may give the examples of the author’s language and cite the favorite lines. 

Take a note that attractive review compares the events presented in a book and the way such events function in real life. To summarize, you can also give some tips on how the writing could be improved or enhanced. One more good idea is to address the young readers and tell them the main lessons of the book, which they will be able to learn.



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