10 Films You Should Watch in December 2016

You want to visit a cinema this December but don’t know what to watch?

1.      Passengers, December 21.

A spacecraft is taking 5,000 passengers to a colony planet. Since their journey’s going to take 120 years, they’re all in anabiosis. However, two passengers wake up 90 years earlier and soon realize that the ship is in danger and they have to save it.

2.      Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, December 16.

Set in a galaxy far, far away, we know so well. A group of rebels aims to steal the drafts of Dart Vader’s Death Star to prevent its construction. The creators of this movie say that the film isn’t only for Star Wars fans, but also for those who’ve never seen any of the movies.

3.      La La Land, December 9.

Watch it to see Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling dancing, singing and playing instruments. To be prepared, both of them were taking multiple lessons. No pain, go gain – and the result is worth it. This movie turned out to be sweet but heartbreaking.

4.      Office Christmas Party, December 9.

The main character fears that his sister may take away his company. In an attempt to impress his clients and save his company, he throws a Christmas party. And the madness begins…

5.      Jackie, December 2.

This movie is the biopic about the life of Jacqueline Kennedy in the aftermath of John Kennedy’s assassination in 1963. It tells how the First Lady managed to protect Kennedy’s legacy and preserve her dignity in these hard times. Indeed, no one could depict her better than Natalie Portman.

6.      Collateral Beauty, December 16.

This movie may become a new Christmas classic. Its main character has recently lost his child. He writes letters to the abstract concepts of love, time, and death. And one day, he meets them all in person.

7.      Live by Night, December 25.

A mob drama about an illicit liquor store set in the 1920s. This is the time of turmoil and uncertainty. The time when it’s so easy to get involved in a criminal affair…

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8.      Patriots Day, December 21.

This movie narrates about the bombing that occurred during the 2013 Boston Marathon. Planning to make it a tribute to those who suffered on that day, the filmmakers gathered the testimonies from witnesses, locals, and police officers. Now we can see the result of their work.

9.      Fences, December 25.

Set in America of the 1950s. Back then, the issue of racism was still very complicated. A family couple solves their problems and attempts to repair their marriage after the husband cheated on his wife.

10.  Why Him? December 25.

A man finds out that his daughter is dating a guy of his nightmares – a tattooed tech billionaire who knows squat about personal boundaries. Watch this comedy to improve your Christmas spirit.

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