Top 10 Pop Albums in 2016

Have you already checked out these albums? If not, hurry up! Keep up with the world and listen to those songs before the year 2016 ends.

1. Sia, This is Acting. Will this album bring even more ARIAs to Sia than her 2014 album did? Most probably, yes. This singer is really a queen.

2. Kanye West, SWISH. This hip hop artist now has a son to write about. Let’s see if he’s added any songs about his family in this album. Do you keep your expectations high? We do!

3. Scott & Charlene's Wedding, Mid Thirties Single Scene. Spin magazine labeled him as the “Australian slack-pop prince.” Do you want to see his development since his previous 2013 album? Then listen to this one.

4. Tonight Alive, Limitless. This is their third album. After they blew the audience away during their set at Soundwave in 2015, we do anticipate their new tracks. And we’re sure – these fellows are going to become international stars soon!

5. Frank Ocean, Boys Don’t Cry. This guy had his breakout in 2012. And soon we will find out if he’s going to keep the pace. Who wants to listen to some good R&B? Go for it!

6. Drake, Views From The 6. If you’d like to experience the new R&B beats, listen to this one. Drake’s mixtape was a true kick-off in 2015. Let’s see if he’ll leave some memes for us again.

7. Bloc Party, Hymns. This is the third album recorded by this band. Even though it seems to be a miracle for many people considering the band had a break in 2013, it’s great that they decided to present some more soft indie-rock to their fans.

8. Animal Collective, Painting With. This is the tenth album by this band where they arrange even more strange sounds for the more unusual effect. Do you think this is madness? Then take a look at their album cover as well!

9. PJ Harvey, The Hope Six Demolition Project. The songs for this album were created based on Harvey’s 2011-2014 poems. This is the ninth studio album by this singer that was preceded with a dark and dynamic teaser. What is more, when PJ Harvey was recording this album, visitors were allowed to see the creative process through the windows!

10. Radiohead, A Moon Shaped Pool. This is the ninth studio record by this band. Fans have been waiting for this album for five years. Imagine their anticipation! If you listen to art rock and electronic music, you’ll certainly like this album. Needless to say, the cover will mesmerize you.


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