4 Effective Tips for Writing a Good History Paper

How can you avoid the most common mistakes while writing an essay? Undoubtedly, errors in organization, style, and grammar distract your reader, since it is hard to follow the ideas behind the mistakes. Thus, it is recommended to adhere to the following tips in order to have a successful paper.

What Is actually an Academic Essay?

Typically, an academic essay raises an intellectual question or problem. Therefore, you have to make sure you are writing your essay on the topic you have been set, rather than some other, random one. Beyond this, you need to be analytical and argue your position in a logical way. Do not confuse your reader with irrelevant information. The main aim of your essay should be to guide the reader through the process of thought and lead to the conclusions you want to be drawn.

Make sure that all critical facts are presented and clearly explained, since your reader might not know all of them. It is also very important to use examples and quotations from the sources you have used in order to support your point of view. Otherwise, it will be hard to convince your reader without evidence.

Basic Structure of the Essay

An introductory paragraph must be at the beginning of your essay so that you can state your thesis and present the main points. A conclusion is also an inevitable part of an essay that usually sums up all the important arguments. The fact remains that the building blocks of your piece of writing are paragraphs that should include a single idea each along with relevant evidence and explanations to it. Paragraphs shouldn’t be either too long or too short. You should also write a transition paragraph when you finish one point and start another one.

Formal Written English

When you write an essay, you should definitely avoid colloquialisms and contractions. Do not overuse the words like I, me, or my and expressions such as in my opinion. It is recommended to use gender-inclusive language. However, you should consider the context, in which you use this type of language. Do not forget to use linking words and phrases in order to make your piece of writing coherent.

Punctuation and Capitalization

When you are writing an essay, you should not only use relevant sources and correct language, but also correct punctuation. Thus, if you are not sure when to use a comma, better check its usage. The same concerns the capitalization, since the words aren’t capitalized simply because of being important. Remember to italicize or underline all foreign words and book titles that are mentioned in your piece of writing.

Undoubtedly, writing is not always an easy task, since it requires a lot of time and efforts. Despite being hard and time-consuming, your essay is your great accomplishment. Thus, it is worth spending some time on making something that really matters, and, maybe, revealing previously unknown facts from an absolutely new angle.



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