Guide to Writing an Essay on Cyberbullying

Writing an essay on cyberbullying, you must consider how cyberbullying differs from other kinds of bullying. Follow the widespread essay structure and do not forget to compile a strong thesis statement, which will be supported by pieces of evidence. This evidence should be included in the body paragraphs. The conclusion you will come to should be presented in the last paragraph.

Conducting a thorough research is vital as you need to find salient facts and detailed information about the peculiarities of this problem. What is more, you need to highlight the risk factors, trends, and statistics associated with cyberbullying. In addition, the special attention should be paid to people, both adults and children, who are mostly affected.

Bear in mind that cyberbullying or cyber harassment is phenomenally popular nowadays. This is especially so among the teenagers. You can meet it not only in the form of sexual remarks or threat but also in the form of rumors. The victims of this kind of bullying are prone to be emotionally unbalanced and to have a lower self-esteem.

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Without a doubt, you need to catch the readers’ attention in the introductory part by using descriptive language. In the sentences which are prior to the thesis statement, you are about to present the background information on cyberbullying in order to give the audience the adequate understanding what it actually is.

The Body Paragraphs

It would be perfect if you support your point of view by the information you gathered from the individuals who had outlived this type of harassment. Imprint on your memory that you are not allowed adding either additional information or problem which was not presented in your thesis statement. The focal point is that your thesis summarizes the whole essay, and you need to compile your body paragraphs according to it. For instance, you have presented three basic notions that in your opinion are the key factors for understanding why the teenagers are mostly affected. It means that your main body has to consist of three paragraphs, and you have to move from the least to the most important factor. Each notion must be supported by relevant evidence, and the transition between these notions should be flawless.

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It is obvious that you need to restate your thesis statement while summing up your piece of writing. Nevertheless, one issue usually remains neglected by a writer. It is language. While creating a conclusion, you are sick and tired of writing so the only thought that is overwhelming your mind is “To get rid of it and faster.” Remember that this particular part always gets close attention of the audience. Mind your words and appeal to the readers with the help of thoughtful words.

Last Word of Advice

Frankly speaking, there is no point in reminding you to proofread and edit your essay. Nonetheless, do not forget to make a break after finishing your draft to unwind and recharge your batteries. While editing your paper, ensure that all your pieces of evidence are relevant, all sentences make sense, and there are no flaws.


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