Molar mass of NaCl

Before you start calculating the molar mass of any element, make sure you have understanding of this term. You probably know that everything around you consists of molecules. It is very important to measure those molecules in our experiments to get maximally exact results for the products.

What Is the Molar Mass

A mole is a unit that we use to measure elements, which lets compare mass of particular compounds. When you know the moles needed for certain experiment, you can use the concept of molar mass to find out the weight in grams of the substance needed for your experiment.

The molar mass and the molecular weight are similar terms, which mean the mass of a given substance divided by the amount of substance. It is measured in g/mol.

What Is Sodium Chloride

NaCl consists of two elements, Na (sodium) and Cl (Chlorine), which react chemically together, forming NaCl. Sodium Chloride or simply salt creates the extracellular fluids in cellular organisms and causes the salinity in water of the seas and oceans. NaCl is often used as a preservative in canned goods and as a de-icing substance for roads. Besides, it has numerous industrial applications. All this makes it vital to know the molar mass of Sodium Chloride.

The Formula for the Molar Mass

The first thing you should do to determine the molar mass of any compound is finding the molecular weights of separate elements in the periodic table. It is almost impossible to remember the atomic masses of all the elements, so it is better to have a table by hand.

Since Sodium Chloride consists of sodium and chlorine, first, you have to find the atomic weights of both elements. Separate atoms have atomic masses of 22.98 g/mol and 35.45 g/mol respectively. Molar mass of an element can be found by formula: number of atoms X the atomic weight of every element. You can find the molar mass of the compound by summing molar masses of all the elements.

Now then,

Na = 22.98 g/mol

Cl = 35.45 g/mol

NaCl = (22.98 + 35.45) g/mol = 58.44 g/mol


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