How to Make Writing Research Papers Your Strong Side

If you’re assigned to write a research paper, there is every chance that you will start accomplishing this assignment by repeating one of your favorite mantras, “I hate writing research papers”. As much as this ritual helps you blow off steam, it also inhibits you from getting started and stifles your inspiration. But what can you do if you despise writing, especially when it comes to academic writing? In fact, there are few things you can do to get this job done with minimum efforts and a viable outcome.

How to Stay Focused on Your Writing

In order to commit all your time to writing a research paper and increase your concentration span, you should do the following:

Find a Workspace Conducive to Writing

The spot where you’re toiling at your paper has a considerable influence on your productivity. If you easily get side-tracked, this can affect the content of your paper, as well as the pace of your writing. For this reason, you need to search for a place that would be devoid of any external distractions. Also, your working space has to be comfy. If your own room isn’t a perfect fit, then you might consider your local library or an Internet cafe.


Optimize Your Workspace

Things that are around you can divert your attention away from the main focus, which is the content of your research paper. Therefore, it’s advisable to prepare your study place. If it’s your room, clean it up beforehand. Additionally, turn off all the devices that are useless during the process of writing. Note that your brain is dependent on oxygen to function properly, so don’t forget to open a window to let fresh air in.

Disable Notifications on Your Laptop

If you need to stay focused on the research paper for as long as possible, the safest bet is to block pop-up notifications on your laptop. Seeing that someone has written a new comment under a recently uploaded photo of yours can be quite tempting. In that case, you’ll wonder what that comment is about, forgetting that you need to work on your paper.

Stay Hydrated  

Although this tip seems inappropriate, in reality drinking enough water is able to boost your cognitive function. You surely remember that your brain needs oxygen, but you’ll face an alarmingly low supply of oxygen if you don’t sustain normal bloodstream by drinking plenty of water. Put a bottle of water on your desk and drink it repeatedly.

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Manage Your Time

Staying organized is a simple yet effective strategy for submitting a winning research paper. It presupposes that you prepare a “to do” list, set time limits, and aim to complete a task before the deadline comes.

 It’s also important to have positive thinking and be aimed at success as a writer. Here are several recommendations for you:

  • Unleash your curiosity;
  • Take into account any criticism you receive;
  • Define your goals;
  • Step out of your comfort zone;
  • Try to consider your writing skills a blessing, not a burden;
  • Venture on something undiscovered;
  • Read books constantly.


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