Top TV Shows to Watch This Christmas

Many people like to watch TV on Christmas holidays. And we want them to watch only high-quality shows. Whether you like comedy, drama, or any other genre, you’ll find something to your taste in this list. Watch these shows with your family and enjoy!

1. BBC One: Witness for the Prosecution

This is a truly spooky interpretation of Agatha Christie’s book set in London of 1920. The two-part performance begins with the killing of a rich socialite. This murder is investigated in the courtroom, and numerous famous actors are involved.

2. BBC One: Sherlock

How can they make their fans wait for so long?” some people might ask. But when we see the result of the next long-anticipated three-episode season, we’re ready to forgive everything for the quality of this series. We know very little about the following episodes – only that Watson will become a father and Toby Jones will be a new villain. Looking forward!

3. Sky 1: The Last Dragonslayer

This fantasy adaptation is based on Jasper Forde’s tales. It’ll take you into the alternate reality, where magic is everywhere. Its main character is attempting to rescue the last existing dragon.

4. BBC One: To Walk Invisible

This movie is about the lives of the Bronte sisters. Strong-minded Anne, pushy Charlotte, and complex Emily face different obstacles and hardships on their way to turning into literature classics. Their vicar father and good-for-nothing brother make their journey even more complicated.

5. ITV: Maigret’s Dead Man

It is another one adaptation of Georges Simenon’s novels that features Rowan Atkinson as Jules Maigret. In spite of mixed reviews, the previous episode gathered large audiences. Let’s see what they’re going to offer this time.

6. BBC Two: Inside No. 9

Do you remember the tales about Krampus – a monster that takes naughty children to hell? It’s one of them. If you want to tickle your nerves, watch this film about a family stalked by this monster.

7. Channel 4: The Windsors at Christmas

It’s a very interesting combination of The Royal Family and Dynasty. Watch it to see Eugenie and Beatrice releasing their own song and observe Prince William talking to a Christmas ghost.

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8. BBC One: Doctor Who: The Return of Doctor Mysterio

It’s the 11th Christmas special from this series. In this episode, Doctor meets a new friend – a superhero suited in rubber whose name is Ghost. He helps Doctor to rescue New York from an alien invasion.

9. BBC One: Peter Pan Goes Wrong

It’s a special performance of Peter Pan created by BBC. As you can guess from the title, the events will be unpredictable!

10. BBC One: Roald Dahl’s Revolting Rhymes

Children’s tales, such as Three Little Pigs and Show White, are told by a number of known people. Almost any modern family will enjoy watching this two-part animation picture.



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