Tips for Writing a Good College Application Essay

Not much time ago, I informed the rising seniors I work with regarding college application essay, persuading them to start writing it TODAY. I know, a rising senior would say: “Are you kidding me? Why so early?”

Frankly, summer season does not bring as many worries and anxieties as fall semester does. Thus, it is an ideal time for students to rack their brains, write the main points, and edit the first drafts.

As for me, I highly regard effective pieces of advice from other writers that would help me to improve my writing skills. So, I will reveal you the secrets that other writers told me about what to do in order to enjoy writing process. Are you ready?

1. Be yourself and think you are talking to the reader. I am pretty sure that you can use this method while writing an essay. In fact, college application essays are written by students so that they could help the college admissions officers to see their personality.

2. To tell you the truth, having attended college admission conferences, I realized that people who check essays particularly adore when applicants write anecdotes as well as the stories which occurred in their lives.

3. If to take into consideration what different writers told me, I must admit that in order to write accurately the writers need to write in the first person rather than in the third one. Since college admission people want to learn something about you, you had better write in your personal voice.

4. The most successful writers give the advice to show rather than tell. For example, you might convey the fact that you like animals in a more alive way, like “When I look at a small salamander or a wonderful Arabian horse, I get so excited.”

5. Try to reduce the usage of:

  • clichés
  • generalities
  • psychobabble

6.Do you know that careless punctuation and grammar errors can easily lead to the rejection? Thus, look through your essay in order to check whether it is correct grammatically and does not have spelling mistakes or, maybe, words that are used in the wrong way.

Actually, only an essay can show the peculiarities of the student’s mindset and the level of mental development. As a result, there is a strong possibility that those students, who do not hurry while doing this task and write an authentic, eye-catching essay without any mistakes, will be admitted to the college of their dream. 

As a matter of fact, next week I am going to give you a vivid example of a thoughtful essay.


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