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On the 21 of December 1962 a movie, which then became classic of cinematograph was released. It was the great "To kill the Mocking Bird", directed by Robert Mulligan. No need to mention, this great movie was based on another great piece of art of the XX century, a book by Harper Lee, which had the same title.

The film tells us about a truly professional lawyer, Atticus Finch, who has got two children, a boy and a girl, but has got no wife. He has got very little time; he does not manage to pay much attention to the education of his children. However, this is something his black maid takes care of. She has got a very serious influence on the character forming of two children. The children are quite innocent and play their children’s' games. Meanwhile, they hear gossips about one of the town's citizens, "Boo" radley. A lot of weird gossips are being told about "Boo" by children and the blacks. And children start watching him. Meanwhile they notice that somebody starts secretly helping them. In a short while they suspect Boo of doing it.

Meanwhile, their father is involved in a process, where a black man To is accused of raping a white lady from a very "trashy" district of the city. Meanwhile, this is not what happened in real fact. Actually it was the girl herself who wanted to tempt Tom and when doing so was caught by her father, who beat her heavily. Afterwards, when filing a claim, they accused Tom of beating her as well. Atticus proves very clearly, that it could not have been Tom, who beat the girl, since his right hand is paralyzed, and if beating, he would have to do it with his left hand, while it was quite clear, that the lady was beaten with one's right hand.

The girl's father is angry with Atticus, and makes up his mind to punish Atticus through his children. When they are returning home in the evening, the man catches them in the dark street and tries to kill them with his knife, but gets killed himself with his own knife by Boo Radley, who was watching and secretly guarding the children. Meanwhile Tom is still sentenced for the case. However, it is the first time in history, that the jury spend significant time discussing the case, before making up their mind.

The movie raises a number of social problems, including racism, single parenting, friendship, and many others. The movie shows us, what a real professional should be, however we also see, that being a true professional has got its disadvantages, and while dedicating his entire life to law and legal work, Atticus has lost control of his children, who, but for the maid, would have been left absolutely alone with their teenage problems. The film is designed to be an educational movie, aimed mainly at teenagers; however it is very interesting for adults as well. It is indeed a masterpiece of cinematography. The movie discusses the problems, which were covered with comfortable silence at the time.

Watching this movie for the first time left a great impression on me. However, I saw a lot of new when I was watching it for the second time before writing this essay.

No doubt, this movie has got great educational potential and should be recommended to the teenagers of all ages and countries. In case, each teenager watches it and understands it properly, chances are the Earth will becomes a more peaceful place in a short while. This is how strong the power of art is.

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