World War Z

Within the last decade, the world had been overwhelmed with so many natural disasters, synthetic pandemics, and catastrophes that it triggers the film directors to create something new and fresh: to get the viewer acquainted to a world under improbable threat, fantastic schemas, and outrageous consequences. The cinematography has been attributed a completely innovative approach of “what if” motion pictures. World War Z (2013) is one of the current films. It depicts a pandemic of a global scale disease that turns humans into zombies, threatening the life, as it is to come to its end. Nonetheless, a group of U.N. companions and other organizations are the only chance to save the planet from the deadly virus that might cover the whole world that has a symbolical parallel onto the virus of human nature that flood life with socioeconomic and ecological problems:  “Can you ever “solve” poverty? Can you ever “solve” crime? Can you ever “solve” disease, unemployment, war, or any other societal herpes? Hell, no” (World War Z).

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Film World War Z demonstrates the idea of how even the most powerful countries kneel down when a great global danger is upon them in a creative symbolical way of contemporary metaphor of a survival picture. Being set up in this turnover of worldwide horror, the countries are bound together in the search for the cure that can heal the planet from the deadly virus. In the world where money rules, everyone is equal in front of the nature’s deadliest weapon, taking the life away: “The driver’s eyes had a different look, the same one as me, the look that maybe money was not going to be much good for much longer” (World War Z). Based on the novel by Brooks (2006), this film displays that the nature is like a maniac, which, when committing a crime, leaves behind hints that help to solve these crimes on the most visible place. In such a way, any foreign affairs with other countries, or any economic or political forces are no longer driving the mechanism of the planet when the nature has taken its course. According to Marc Foster, the film has a second meaning, which is the concept that the spreading disease of the zombie-virus is an individual and his daily activities, which will devour the planet if humans will not stop soon: “The monsters that rose from the dead, they are nothing compared to the ones we carry in our hearts” (Foster, World War Z).

The film is set in the current days on the planet Earth: the picture constantly depicts the situations from various cities of the U.S. at first, following by the settings from other countries. Despite the location, each other country is broadcasting the same horrifying events, as the following: “I think that most people would rather face the light of a real enemy than the darkness of their imagined fears” (World War Z). There are some exceptions, where the disease did not spread as much as throughout the world. For instance, the W.H.O. Research Center or a refugee camp in Scotland that had reside with a bit of hope and a small group of uninfected survivors. World War Z is defined in more or less realistic aspects of probable scenario of the global problem that can be framed as science fiction.

Receiving 7,3 rating on IMDb, according to the public opinion the main reason for such a high mark is the cast. The actor’s cast was mediocre, except for brilliant performance of Brad Pitt, who single-handedly saved the film from failure (IMDb, User reviews).  As a retired ex-U.N. ambassador, who is now a commoner seeking to spend time with his family, Gerry Lane creates the last hope in us as the viewers as well. In general, the actor’s play was rather convincing and believable. What was also impressive is the attention to the play of the zombies even in the episodes, which brings extra terror and special atmosphere to the whole screening.

Even though Gerry Lane is not the key character right from the beginning of this picture, he becomes the one who investigates the virus case and solves the riddle of the vaccine-camouflage. He also represents the archetype of the Trinity implementing the role of the God, the Father, and the Son at the same time. He plays the role of the Son when he is guided by the desire of life for the humanity in the search of truth. Brad Pitt fully embraces the fatherhood of his character and portrays his fatherly features throughout the whole film in the course of relationships with other people such as the Israeli soldier Segen. Gerry successfully manages to portray the father figure not only in relation to his own family but also to all humankind. He is playing God when gives himself a shot to test his deadly theory and avoid the zombies in order to bring salvation to humanity.

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Karin Lane played by Mireille Enos is the archetype of Mary, who is an obedient, loving, and caring wife. She trusts her husband no matter what and believes his word, as she knows that he will keep it and save the world. Mireille Enos successfully represented the idea of Karin’s serene character of a perfect mother and a wife.

Fana Mokoena embodies the Secretary of Defense Thierry Umutoni. He is an old friend of Lane and tries to help him with all the necessities throughout the whole course of action. Holding such an important desk, the character could have been portrayed in a more firm and solid way whereas Fana Mokoena played him as a rather passive individual.

The Israeli soldier Segen can also be considered to have an important role in this picture. Daniella Kertesz has shown a strong contemporary woman who also knows how to stand her ground and fight until the last. She has produced an impression of an androgynous queen, performing as a man while fighting, yet being tender and sensitive to other people’s feelings.

The W.H.O. doctors, played by Peter Capaldi, Pierfrancesco Favino, and Ruth Negga, are the ones who were the only hope for survival of the entire planet. Together with fearless Lane, they had discovered how to make the hope for future real. The doctors represent the archetype of the angels who seek for salvation on humanity by making people safe through implanting a vaccine with a deadly virus for salvation.

The story is told from the perspective of an ex-U.N. detective ambassador. Nonetheless, it seems sometimes that the narrator is still the director himself, as the voice of the film is portrayed as omnipotent. In the course of the film, the two voices keep changing back and forth to emphasize the scale of the problem and deliver the to the viewer facts, which the main characters sometimes are not aware of. Such fact is the deportation of Gerry Lane’s family from the U.N. ship to the Scottish refugee camp for the reasons of Gerry’s supposable death, who eventually is alive in the Research Center and is the one to solve the problem of the virus and its cure.

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In overall, World War Z (2013) directed by Marc Foster represents rather good film in all aspects. The screenplay based on the novel of Brooks gains tremendous success in combination with such starring choices as Brad Pitt, Mireille Enos, and Daniella Kertesz who have surely brought this motion picture to the highest level. In addition, the details of the film are gorgeous: each is thought through very well and put into the picture with the balance and precaution. This also concerns both main and subordinate characters, including episodic roles of the zombies. The main palette of the film is the contrasting light and dark shades of the cold colors, symbolically representing the fighting of good and evil. In overall, the light is used as a positive reinforce to underline important aspects or details of the film. Such moment is in Korea where the soldier is illuminated with the light in the room with a zero patient, emphasizing the importance of this person on the course of the whole film later on; or the moment with the infected black doctor who stays in the shadows to enforce the somber impact of the disease.

World War Z (2013) represents a unique masterpiece of good balance of contemporart genre and an ideological impact on the current sustainability issues. It also is a spectacular film in terms of the special effects and graphics, as well as the decorations and filmography. The director pays a great attention to details to make the film even more spectacular and magnificent. The zombies are portrayed as roaming somnambulas who are attracted by sounds can rapidly obtain anything by their extreme numbers and make it theirs; and all they need is to transmit the deadly virus. World War Z is a good horror apocalyptic movie that attracts with its beautiful composition and interesting plot and well developed characters. 

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