The movie, we are going to focus our attention on, is not of the regular kind. This is a movie, which addresses a very serious problem. A problem, which despite its importance is hardly ever paid attention to by film directors, by journalists and other public people. Everybody seems to ignore it, though it is a very serious problem nowadays. The film deals with the problem of corporate sector and, as its other side, regular people, people, who have to either be opposed to the corporations, or they have very poor chances of survival.

The film shows suits main character - a man, who has got a good position at a corporation, and the corporation happens to be a gas corporation. According to the data, gathered by the corporation, there is quite some gas to be produced from the ground under one little farming town. The man has got good talent for persuading farmers to sell their lands cheaply to the corporation and therefore he is being chosen as a negotiator and sent to the town itself.

Having arrived in the town, Steve - that is the name of the main character - becomes truly charmed by a local school teacher. Her name is Alice. Steve's business seems to look up, many farmers from the town, which has not been doing too well, on hearing the sum, offered to them by the corporation, are almost ready to sign any contracts. Meanwhile, there appears another character, a guy, who starts asking uncomfortable questions about possible impact of gas pumping to the ecological system of the town. The point is, that gas producing is planned to be maintained by means of so called fracking. This particular technology happens to be very arguable in terms of its safety to the surrounding soil and underground water. So the questions, which Steve has got to answer, have to do with the quality of water, air and soil and how they can be inflicted by fracking process. This is when yet another character; a young activist of eco-movement appears in the town and starts answering questions for Steve. This gives Steve much trouble, especially due to the fact, that most of the inhabitants of the town, including Alice, appear to be on the side of this very eco-activist.

In the final score it turns out to be that this eco-activist is yet another employee of Steve's corporation. He was operating with untrue facts and fake photos when trying to prove the harm, caused by fracking to the environment, only in order to discredit ecological movement. Having learnt about it Steve decides to reveal everything before the town citizens. And he does. And immediately gets fired from the corporation.

The film shows us how entirely does the corporation absorb the individuality of each of its workers. Being an employee of the corporation, you are not a human being any more. You have no rights to stand up for the truth. There is no truth for you any more. Your truth is the interests of your corporation. There is no truth beyond it.

However there is one way to go: you can stand up against the corporation. Yes, you can. And lucky you are if what happened to Steve is all that happens to you. Things could have turned out to be much worse.

Corporations are a major thread of contemporary society. They kill the individuality; they kill the diversity, painting the world we live in into dull grey colors. Having become a part of a corporation, one becomes a robot, no, even less, just a tiny screw in the huge mechanism, a tiny screw, that has got its individual features only theoretically. In real fact these individual features become so tiny, that they basically can be neglected. Are we really up to this sort of future for ourselves, our children and grand children? Maybe it is high time to change something, to remember about our own individuality and respect the individuality of people around us. Maybe by trying our best to see individual features of people around us we will manage to paint our world into bright colors again. It could be. But we never know unless we, each one of us, tries.



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