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Dances with Wolves

"Dances with Wolves" is an American movie, released on the ninth of November 1990. This movie was directed by Kevin Costner, who played one of the most important characters as well.

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The story, which is in the focus of the picture, is related to the end of XIX century. It is the year 1863 and the character played by Kevin Costner, who takes part in the civil war, gets wounded. Despite the severeness of his wound, he rides a horse towards confederates, in order to attract their attention and draw it away from the army. The man obtains a reward for his bravery. After he recovers, he requests being transferred to the western border. There he has his request approved and travels to Fort Sedgwick. He finds the port abandoned and in horrible disorder. He knows about native Americans located nearby, however, despite the thread, he chooses to stay and defend the place. He invests a lot of effort into rebuilding the place and putting it back to order.

At the same time, the wagon driver, who took the main character to Fort Sedgwick gets killed by Indians on his way back from Fort Sedgwick. The major, who has sent the main character to Fort Sedgwick commits a suicide, and in the final score, there is nobody, who knows about Dunbar (the main character) being at the port. Which puts him in the condition of isolation.

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Dunbar finds himself in a situation, being isolated from his army and soon finds out, that native American tribes are not far away from him. They make a few attempts to steal Dunbar's horse, and in the final score Dunbar takes of in search of their village in order to establish a dialogue. He finds the tribe and not only establishes a dialogue, but also becomes very much involved in their life, in the final score so deeply, that he falls in love with one of the tribe's women, he decides to marry her. However he remembers that at the port there is his diary, which he led while being at the post. He understands that this document contains a lot of data, which may help the US army find the tribes, the tribes, which have become very important for him personally. So, he makes up his mind to get the document out of the port and travels there. But he finds the port occupied by the US army. They take him for a native American and imprison him. The trial decides to hang him, and he is being transported to the East, the wolf, with which Dunbar has made friends while staying with the tribe, follows him and is being shot by the guards. The epilogue tells us that in a bit more than ten years the territory is also taken by the US army. The wolf howls in the distance and the remnants of Indian tribes hide in the mountains.

The movie raises a very important problem: is Dunbar really a traitor? How should such a person be regarded? What is the right way for him to go? Yes, he is the soldier; by all means he is to serve to the US army. But what if he finds out that they, whom he serves, are not quite right? Proving this is next to impossible, acting against them means betraying your motherland, at least formally that is. Besides, his heart and his conscience tell him to act differently. Which is more important - his formal duty or the call of his conscience - this problem is being resolved by the main character of the movie.

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The movie leaves a great impression and provides fruitful soil for thinking. This one of those stories, which raise a very important problem, a problem which is much wider, than the situation, to which it is being applied by the story itself.

I liked the movie very much and have got no doubts: watching it for the second and for the third time will not be a waste of time. There is yet much to be seen observed and learnt about it.

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