Definition Essay

While contemplating an artwork, a natural phenomenon, or looking at a person, we often say in amazement, “It is really beautiful!”, but we all perceive beauty in different ways. For instance, your friend may fall in love with a girl whom you find quite ordinary, or you may admire a surreal painting, which repels others. The correlation between equivalent thinking and diverse discernment related to the beauty may encourage captivating investigations.

Classic Thought

Despite perpetuated beauty standards based on harmony with nature, our aesthetic views constantly differ. Ancient Greek philosophers claimed that the attractiveness depends on symmetry and smooth proportions. Classic artists advanced this concept, having created the images of conventional female and male beauty, whichwe easily recognize nowadays. The Renaissance made beauty more voluptuous, while Romanticism eulogized divine embodiments of nature. Although Postmodernism tried to reject this adoration, even Nietzsche considered beauty as a powerful thing.

Individual Perception

The aesthetic insight is individual, and we owe this thought to Plato, who believed that beauty resides in the Idea. It means that the sublime image is transcendental, being transformed with our eyes. You may disagree, saying “How can the aesthetic perception be unique if millions like the same celebrity predominantly because of his/her appearance?” You are partially right, but it mostly reflects the worshipping need in our genes, without mentioning the gregarious instinct. You cannot be sure that each person beholds the beauty of the adored object equally.

It is wrong to convince others to adhere to the same beauty standards since nature gives birth to diversity and each part of it has one-of-a-kind magnificence, though not everyone can see it.

Experienced Eye

The perception of beauty depends on your experience and outlook. A broad-minded person will have more versions of attractiveness than a narrow-minded one. If you travel around the world, you start noticing versatile manifestations of beauty. You realize that both light peach and dark ebony skin are beautiful; the same goes for hair color and body shape. Experience helps you to value differences.

Inner Contemplation

When your task is to define and describe the notion of beauty, never focus merely on a physical appearance, but try to perceive it with all senses, as well as with your intellect. If you ponder over the expression “a beautiful soul”, it will be easier to observe something hidden and comprehend its splendor. Pure beauty is an ephemeral phenomenon that cannot be prejudiced. The more knowledge you have, the more you see from within.

Inspired Mind

You should never neglect imaginary beauty originating from poetic inspiration. When you experience inspiration, everything around becomes more beautiful. You can use this pleasant illusion to create something significant – an artwork, a book, or a music piece. The aesthetic state of mind leads to the creation of a genuine beauty in the form of art.

The pursuit of beauty is incessant because its metamorphoses are beyond our power.


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