Do You Need a Car in College?

If you have a car in college, you have more freedom, access, and flexibility. However, it brings many unexpected things as well, such as maintenance costs, big money spending and parking problems. So before making a decision whether or not to have a car in college, find answers to the questions below.

For what Reasons Do You Need a Car?

Do you always have to be connected to your campus? Or you have other options as walking, riding a bike, or taking a bus? Do you need a car for job or internship? Perhaps, you need it to get to classes which take place off campus? Or, maybe, you need it to be safe as your classes often end after dark? Take some time to think about the reasons why you actually need a car in college and consider other available options.

For what Reasons Do You Want the Car?

Realizing the difference between wanting and really needing a car is vital. Do you want a car so you and your friends could leave the campus at any time you want to? So you can use it for getting to friends or your girlfriend/boyfriend? So you can get to your parents’ house on the days off? The arguments why you want a car are things which you could actually do without. The reasons why you need it are decisive for you to succeed in college.

How many Costs Will You Need?

Any car, even the perfect one, requires much money to maintain. You are going to lack money anyway, so how are you going to manage using a car? Think about the cost of a parking permit, the amount of money you will spend on gas and on insurance. How could you handle the costs if you get in an accident? Even if you are the most responsible car owner, somebody still might hit your car. There is a possibility that you will not get a parking permit near your campus, so you will be forced to pay for parking it in any other place or to look for a spot every day. Think about ways you could manage all these kinds of spending.

Is It Worth It?

Of course, it is very convenient to use the car when you need it. But if you are always doubting about using your car as you are afraid to lose your spot, you lack money for gas, are afraid to break it or have no insurance, having a car becomes more some kind of trouble, not a pleasure. Besides, if you have no parking permit, you will always have to spend much time to find a spot to park the car every time you get to campus. Additionally, driving a car gets really expensive; you will become the one who is being asked to drive everyone to all of the places. Think well whether having a car in college is actually worth to you.


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