Love at First Sight

Is it possible to fall head over heels in love just after the very first glance at a person? The vast majority will say “Absolutely not!” On the contrary, some people do fall in love right at the moment when they look into each other’s eyes. Furthermore, they state that very first exchanging of glances and feelings changes the entire life forever.

As the old song says, love is only one glance away, one embracing dance away. The truth is that the value of the eye contact could not be overestimated. The first names that come to mind when we speculate on the love at first sight are Romeo and Juliet and they were looking into each other’s eyes while making plans. Various and sundry other examples can be found in the literature pieces, as well as in real-life situations when people state that they fell in love straightaway. The glances exchange is also crucial for understanding whether your interlocutor adores you.

The recent study conducted in the University of Chicago revealed some hidden issues of the eye contact. If we take into account how people gaze and the angle of the gaze, we can exactly state what people feel toward each other, whether it is  genuine love or pure lust. Eye-tracking reveals the secret behind their relations.

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There is no doubt that eyes are the window to our souls. What are the chances that during a long-lasting glance exchange a strong intimate connection between two people will be established? This connection will require no additional words or sounds; the silence is a binding element. This all might sound as stupid examples from literature or some imaginary situation, which could not happen in real life. The reason behind it is plain, as the modern society is cruel. Every one of us has once learned a lesson that the sincerity is a sign of vulnerability. Our era promotes cynicism and makes people question the driving ulterior motives of our surrounding.

Does love at first sight exist? It depends on the person and on the perception of the world. What is more, it depends on how willing a person is to wear the heart on a sleeve. This love could be compared to jumping off the cliff with your eyes closed, as no one knows what awaits you at the bottom. Will it be the warmest water or the sharpest rocks? You will never know until you try. That is what brings love at first sight that special charm.

The vast majority of people claim that it is nonsense. You can love a person only for some character traits, deeds, or something else but you still need time to find it out. Why then so many people tend to share their riveting stories about first meeting or date when they realized they wanted to spend their lives with their beloved ones? Moreover, these stories are more alike to love at first sight.


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