Top Websites For Freelancers

If you are a good specialist, below is the list of the websites you can trust.

The given website offers not only freelance gigs. Using its job sections, journalists can place their portfolios and information on services they provide, which will help editors find reporters who will match their needs.


It is one of the best platforms for IT specialists. By using this website, you get a possibility to find clients without problems. Moreover, you will not be charged any fee for finding you customers. All you have to do is to upload your resume and wait till you are offered a gig.


This website is a nice place for freelance writers. It is a big agency, which knows everything about possibilities to earn money. If you are looking for a job using this platform, be sure that sooner or later you will be offered a chance to work with big brand and earn hundreds of dollars per article.

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After you become a member of this website community, you will get a great possibility to receive not only freelance, but also full-time gigs. It is only one of many UK platforms offering services of such kind.


If you are lucky to get in, OnSite will open wide opportunities for you. It is a harbor for freelance Developers, Project Managers, Designers, etc.


This website is comparatively new in the market. Nevertheless, it has already managed to recommend itself as a reliable platform, which offers high quality jobs for its clients. It is a place for creative people and designers, who want to show themselves and find well-paid gigs.
The following list of websites represents great Internet-based platforms for less demanding freelancers, who look for occasional gigs.


If you are not as choosy to tasks, this website is for you. Here you will be offered one-time jobs, such as cleaning or standing in lines on someone’s behalf. You may earn up to £20-30 a day.


This website offers gigs to people with some talents or to individuals who have some goods to sell cheaply. Regarding work offers, you can be asked to do photo retouching, process some Excel data, etc.

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The advantage of the website is its size. It is a huge portal with hundreds and thousands of clients. Still, it also has some disadvantages. One of the greatest cons of the website is that you will have to compete for a specific gig with dozens of others willing to complete the same task. However, if you look hard you may find a well-paid job worldwide.

So, regardless of the work conditions you are looking for, there are many possibilities on the Internet. The most important thing for you is not to be lazy and try your powers; there is always a chance!



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