7 Best Sites to Find Work as a Freelancer

Whether you are looking for an additional stream of income, trying to improve your writing skills or just need the freedom that freelancing provides, you should definitely discover the benefits of working as a freelance. Every sphere of our life has greatly developed, hasn’t it? The number of freelance resources is also increasing and they are becoming more popular.

However, it isn’t enough to sign up on popular job boards. You have to establish a professional portfolio that showcases your writing skills. Therefore, be ready to provide your successful past works or to prove yourself through various tests.

So, how to find freelance work and start making money? 


Upwork is a good site that is full of job opportunities for any type of freelancer. There are both short-term and long-term projects as well as entry-level and expert-level engagements. Regardless of your expertise, Upwork is always ready to offer you some work.


Unlike Upwork, Toptal is a service that gives access to significant projects only for experienced and talented freelancers. Besides, it offers fair compensation. Tech events and frequent meetups are another advantage of Toptal.


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Elance is easy in usage and comfortable for each freelancer. There is also payment protection so that you can ensure you are paid for the projects and hours you work.


In addition to giving access to thousands of projects, Freelancer gives you a chance to compete with other freelancers in order to prove your skills. Therefore, it is a great way to display your expertise and, consequently, attract more clients.


Even though this platform is usually considered as a source of buying and selling different things, it is also a source of freelancing. You can easily browse for both local offerings and opportunities of working remotely.

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This site allows you to demonstrate you past work and prove your experience. It also offers daily job-matching opportunities so that you don’t lose any. Moreover, with the help of Guru Work Room you can easily manage all your work.


SimplyHired is another freelance platform that suits everyone. Both a salesperson and a construction worker are able to find available projects with the help of this source. It includes location-based search and a blog with hiring and job search tips.

There is always a freelance job for you regardless of your expertise. You just have to check the websites mentioned above and to get started right now!



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