5 Strong Reasons to Buy Books on a Whim

Recent fears of librarians and publishers have not come true and the proliferation of e-books have not resulted into paper book extinction. On the contrary, compulsive book buying is becoming more common. Here is a list of strong reasons why this habit is not a pathology:

  • A heap of books in a dorm room is a classic example of the English major students’ humblebragging

Students from other majors often make jokes about the English Department. However, you are well aware of the facts that a respected person should always own a good private library. Moreover, you do not care this was during the Victorian era. Intelligence will never be out of fashion. Therefore, your library greatly boosts your confidence, and you can freely display your smug smile to your not-that-enlightened friends. In addition, you are struggling with all your due assignments, and without those books, you would never make it out alive.



  • You don’t have time for overeating

Reading extensively and on various topics is beneficial because you learn a lot. Whether you do it on purpose or not, you will discover many useful facts about healthcare. For example, you know that prolonged sitting extracts a toll from your musculoskeletal system. Apart from that, the huge to-read lists mean that you do not have extra time to spend on overeating. Moreover, if you are a fan of comic books, and you most likely are, you are fascinated by the slim bodies of the superheroes. You appreciate the appeal of brisk walking – mostly because you are always late for the classes. In addition, you think that cereals, yoghurt, and a banana can give your body enough stamina to read on.   

  • Scary stories are your cup of tea

You know that one of the best Johnny Depp’s roles is in The Ninth Gate, one of the least known movies in the superstar’s filmography. Your dream birthday present is an antiques book on demonology. It’s not like you are going to cast a spell on someone, but you think Gothic stories are fascinating. Your literature professor seems to be somewhat disturbed by your in-depth knowledge of Edgar Allan Poe’s short stories and you are glad she doesn’t know about your passion for Lovecraft’s style. You have read Dracula a million times and you have already planned your trip to London. You have seen all Hammer films, even though your friends only know about the existence of the Insidious trilogy.


  • You are a Harry Potter fan

Your most precious treasure is a hard-copy series of Harry Potter first edition. You regularly dust it off and are thinking of bringing them to college one day. Your friends do not understand why you always refuse their requests to lend them a copy. Only you know that it’s your most valuable possession and it will stay the same many years from now.

  • You're an aspiring writer

You keep reading because you are looking for ‘your’ genre. If only a day had 30 hours, than you wouldn’t feel anxious because of the increasing number of the books you are yet read. So far, you are trying different time management techniques to spare an hour a day and finally start writing your first novel.


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