The Family and Consumer Sciences

1. What is FCS?

Family and consumer sciences (FCS) relate to the interrelationships between individuals and communities through their study of the theories of the human systems and life development. These interconnections also involve the appropriate use of technology, the fact people are interdependent globally, public policy development and also interdependence in issues of resource development and sustainability of the people as a whole. An understanding of these interrelationships between individuals and communities is the major focus of family and consumer sciences.

2. Explain the Core Concepts of FCS

The family and consumer science professionals use understanding gained from the study of core concepts to address the social issues related to the interrelationships between individuals, families and communities. There are four core concepts that include:

a. Basic Human Wants

Basic human wants are the necessities that people need for sustained survival. They encompass such elements as the material well-being of an individual that includes food, shelter and clothing; the bodily well-being that involves good health and sustainable environmental conditions; the social well-being that comprises getting along well with people, living in peace and having well-organized dispute resolution setups; and, finally, the psychological well-being that involves having a peace of mind, living in happiness and being able to freely engage in activities of an individual’s social life.

b. Family Strengths

The ability to nurture strong and resilient families requires an understanding of the complexities of relationships and human development. Family strengths are based on how well the basic needs are met. They include the resilient characteristics of families regardless of their structure and interaction within and outside the system. The family strengths may encompass the following: their problem-solving techniques, flexibility, social support, spirituality, and family hardiness.

c. Individual Well-Being

The ability to provide for the basic needs is crucial for achieving a healthy physical, emotional, and mental well-being of an individual. Motivated and empowered people interact well with their sociocultural and technological environment to make important contributions to these systems.

d. Community Vitality

It is usually measured how well basic needs are met and also focused on creating a sustainable environment for the well-being of the people. Through good health in a community, individuals can have common interests that are geared towards collective responsibility in the providence of the basic needs.

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3. Explain the Cross-Cutting Themes of FCS

There are five cross-cutting themes of FCS and they include:

a. Capacity Building

It refers to the action of individuals gaining knowledge, developing their strengths and their ability to respond effectively to change. For people to be competent enough in the modern world, they should be able to understand and solve complex problems, be able to incorporate the emerging technologies into their daily activities, and also have the ability to preserve the knowledge of indigenous cultures.

b. Global Interdependence

It refers to the actions of individuals regarding the world and also the effect of their actions on other people. It also includes the interdependencies of the global production and consumption. It suggests that the decisions made by one country directly affect what happens in another country, and this cuts across all states in the world.

c. Resource Development and Sustainability

It refers to the wise management of resources, promotion of sustainable practices, environmental protection and the ability to create and maintain a public policy from one generation to the other.

d. Appropriate Use of Technology

It involves the comprehension of how the advances in technology are manipulated to affect the quality of life for individuals and communities.However, even with the inculcation of technology in the daily lives of people, ethical and moral issues with regards to these new technologies must be put into consideration to avoid cases of moral decay. A good example is the technologies of genetic engineering and enhancement of human performance.

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e. Wellness  

It addresses the issues to do with health and well-being of an individual. It suggests that for people to live sustainably, they must have access to basic needs. Through good health, the individuals can carry on with their lives having a peace of mind since unnecessary competition for resources can be minimized.




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