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Leadership in Quality

Leadership is a very interesting concept. Unfortunately, many people understand this concept in a very wrong way. It often happens that leadership is mistakenly taken for power. Meanwhile a true leader may have no power over the led people, no real ways to punish them or reward in a financial or any other apparent way. Meanwhile, the effectiveness of his team is much higher than such of another person, who is using his leverage, his power left and right, but he is not a leader, he is no more, than a driver, and not a very effective one.

I learnt a lot about leadership from the leadership in quality course. This mainly refers to the leadership mechanisms, I got deeper understanding of how they work and this was the knowledge, which was new for me.

This knowledge is very useful for my future life and future professional activities. And among other important reasons there is one, which can be underlined, as a major reason, the reason number one: each sphere of our life involves team building, involves leading and being led. This is why it is so important to understand those processes and be aware of everything, we were lucky to have heard during the leadership in quality course. Though the information provided to us during this course was not, probably, designed to be used so widely and was given to us only with the perspective of applying it for our professional needs, I think this information and skills, based on it, can be used in very many situations in life. It is important to be able to lead, as well as to be led. Both roles are equally important and in different life situations we switch from the role of the leader, to the role of the one, who is led. And playing both roles requires skills and presupposes the understanding of the situation. And, hopefully, due to this course, we have become more skillful at playing both of these roles and gained the knowledge, required for playing them.



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