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Nowadays, life constantly encourages people to seek for pleasure. For some people seeking for hedonism becomes the meaning of their life. They hasten to get as many pleasures as possible. One would think, is there any problem with that? Can anything be more natural than human desire to be happy? Well, nothing is too much until it harms. There are some habits that do not cause harm at first. These include taking drugs, drinking alcohol and eating food rich in calories. However, such way of life results in dicey behavior putting people’s health at risk. Indulging in one risky behavior leads to another and yet another till it becomes impossible to stop. For instance, drinking alcohol leads to dangerous driving, risky sex and even violence. Taking some drugs leads to eating fattening food and, therefore, results in obesity. Thus, the most important thing is to be aware of what lies behind the harmful pleasures, what is inside bad habits.

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Bad habits come from seemingly innocent pleasures. Young people do not see anything wrong with trying their first cigarette, alcohol drink or tasty hamburger. Moreover, their peers share this attitude. As the matter of fact, teenagers are most vulnerable to peer’s influence. Their deepest desire is to be accepted, lovable and become popular. Interested parties are usually aware of that fact. To convince a teenager to try a drug, they usually use the argument of peer’s approval. Taking drugs is shown as the way to became “one of them”. If the teenager is not so popular at school, he or she is most likely to agree. Another common cause of the bad habits is family problems. When a person is deprived of parent’s attention or is abused, it brings the feeling of misery. In that case, the teenager looks for some substitutes for parent’s love.

Alcohol and drugs seem to be a quick relief to forget about all the problems. Eating fattening food serves the same purpose. People do not always eat simply to satisfy hunger. They turn to food for comfort, stress relief, or a reward. “Unfortunately, emotional eating does not fix emotional problems” (Smith 2013). It is proved that while eating human brain produces the hormones of happiness – endorphins. Each food intake gives people the dose of endorphins needed to alleviate the mental pain. Thus, food, alcohol and drugs became substitutes and a poor excuse for the happiness. Gradually it all leads to drug addiction, alcohol abuse and obesity.

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Bad habits always bring bad results. The first effect of the bad habits is their damage to health. Young organisms are more vulnerable to the influence of alcohol, drugs and tobacco. It usually results in health problems with lungs, liver, heart and other body organs. Abnormality in any body system can increase the risk of different types of cancer. Drugs and alcohol affect one’s behavior. People become inadequate, aggressive or suspiciously calm. Toxins affect brain of a teenager making him behave out of time and place. The worse thing is the withdrawal pains. When for some reasons an addicted person cannot get the subject of his or her addiction, it is a disaster. Alcoholics report strong headaches, thirst, fatigue, vomiting, diarrhea, weakness, elevated body temperature and heart rate, as well as difficulty concentrating, anxiety, irritability, and trouble sleeping. For drug addicted teenagers, long absence of drug in their blood will have no better symptoms. They can lose their appetite, have sleeping problems, their whole body can be aching. In such a condition, a drug addict cannot think about anything but getting a new dose. The second effect of bad habits is the addiction as such. No matter how hard teenagers try to resist it, they surrender sooner or later.

As stated by the experts of DukeUniversity, “People’s capacity to inhibit strong habits is reduced with everyday fluctuations in their self-control resources” (Quinn and al.26). Bad habits are stronger than teenagers think, so they start dictating youngsters what to do. Addicted people are ready to do everything to fulfill their desires. To get another dose of drugs, drug addicts can rob and attack people. There are always some stories of a kind in the news flashes. Addicted individuals are totally out of control and it shows that their addiction is their “Master”. Being not responsible for their actions, these teenagers do not only do harm to themselves, they hurt their loved ones, as well. Under the influence of drugs and alcohol, one can quarrel and abuse his or her family members. Children can steal money from their parents and lie to them. They constitute a threat to their surrounding, as well. For instance, many people can be seriously injured by the drunken drivers, so bad habits obviously affect the community. Thus, life of people with bad habits is inevitably satiated with twinges of conscience and regrets.

To avoid such kind of life, the best solution is to prevent bad habits. Parents need to limit risk-taking behavior and bad habits of their children. In order to cope with it, they should teach young people to assess risk explaining life values to them and being a good role model. Good relationships within the family are a security measure for the bad habits. When teenagers feel happy at home, they will never seek for questionable pleasures. On the other hand, teenagers have to receive as much information as possible about what lies inside bad habits. The best solution for that is to raise community’s awareness of the negative impacts of such vicious habits.

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Information can also serve as a weapon against indulging one’s bad inclinations and desires. Consequently, adults must communicate the idea of responsibility for the bad habits’ effects. Another effective way to prevent the occurrence of obsessive habits is to encourage a wide social network. When young people see the alternatives, they can behave differently. If they have friends through sport or church, they can avoid peer pressure towards acquiring bad habits. Instead, they will see other role models, other values and other teenagers. It will help them to understand gradually that to become popular and make success, there is no need to get into bad habits.

After all, young people have to make their choices every day. Being aware of where their actions would lead is the first precondition to avoid bad habits. As the proverb goes, “It is easier to prevent ill habits than to break them.” Therefore, the first step is to assess potential risks of one’s actions. There is temptation somewhere in the bottom of bad habits. To resist it means to stay good and prevent all malevolent influences. Life has many other interesting aspects beside forbidden pleasures; it is about making the right choices.

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