Two Songs of Beatles

The introductory of the song “Please please me”, by the Beatles is simple utilizing the unchanging E-major chord. The harmonica and the guitar are simultaneously used to foreshadow the material that appears later in the song. At the fourth beat, there is an unusual pick-up start. This is the forward drive of the song. A drum fills the gap between the end of the intro and beginning of the second verse. The first two phrases hang together like a couplet since they are related. However, there is a subtlety in the transition between the two of them. There is continued variation in the deployment of the backing vocals. The song is further emotionally griping with an organized and energized performance. Compared to “Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band”, this song is unique in its lyrics in terms of view and exposition. The “Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” is a good example of the Beatlesque indeterminacy. The opening of the song starts with the shouting of the crowd and tuning noise. This makes the song feel longer than its actual two minute time. Harmonically, this song is based on the archetypal Beatles' chord. The track fades in with the hall audience ambience. This makes it simple to perceive the instruments. Unlike the “Please please me” debut, that is difficult to keep with the track of the instructions, this song makes a clear transition between the lyrics and the instruments. As a result, one feels lively like in seeing the performance live. One can conclude that the two songs are different from each other in terms of lyrics, message and vocals used.

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