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The Apple Company is well-known all around the globe. Millions of its products are sold for cash and credit. Many consumers refuse to use any other product preferring Apple. Unlike most companies, Apple has the Customer Quality Feedback program, which helps the engineers create a high quality up-to-date product. This report aims at analyzing Apple’s Customer Quality Feedback program.

Customer Quality Feedback program is the Apple’s innovation that allows ordinary users to test a product before its release. The peculiarity of the program is that users all over the world may participate. Hence, engineers of the company have the opportunity to receive different points of view about every problem that occurs. Customer Quality Feedback program is also a good way to see whether the society will accept the new product.

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Apple customers are of different ages. They may be teenagers who use IPhone, IPod or IPad. They may be adults who use the same products. Additionally, they may be people of older age who use ITV. Apple is the company oriented at everyone. Customer Quality Feedback program helps the company hear the voice of every participant regardless of age. As the result, Apple will know which product to cater for a particular age group better. Besides, Customer Quality Feedback program can help the company find out what else should be added to the product options.

Another peculiarity of Customer Quality Feedback program is that every consumer has the opportunity to ask questions about a product directly. This is a good possibility for those clients who have only began to use Apple’s products and do not know much. This program helps to improve the overall quality of all Apple’s products. On the contrary, participants of Customer Quality Feedback program can provide engineers with suggestions concerning the product improvement.

Obviously, Customer Quality Feedback program is not as perfect as it seems. There are many disadvantages which the company should address. The main disadvantage is that Customer Quality Feedback has become the main source of Apple’s leaks. People who participate in the program tend not to hide the prototype. For this reason there is much information about the upcoming events, presentations and company’s products on the Internet.

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Another disadvantage is that it is impossible to hear every person. The points is that the majority of Customer Quality Feedback testers may like this innovation, whereas the minority does not think it will be useful. This usually happens when teenagers are the majority.

On the other hand, there are solution for these problems. First, it is significant to have in the program only those customers who have been using the company’s products for several years. The point is that people who stay with the same company for some time tend to be more objective in their decisions. Such practice can help in making fair decisions about accepting or rejecting a product. Moreover, all the participants should represent different social classes, countries, nationalities, and races. Such practice will make Customer Quality Feedback program more objective as well. Besides, the majority should not get the vote right away. The company should develop a strategy concerning how to manage its testers.

I am a user of Apple. I have an IPhone and an IPod. On the one hand, I would like to become a participant of Customer Quality Feedback program offered by the company. It gives an ordinary user the opportunity to be the first to test a new product. Besides, it gives one the possibility to be heard. The company created a good program. A buyer does not have to write an email or use live chat to know about the new features or products. Besides, a customer does not have to wait for a reply for months. Customer Quality Feedback is developed in such a way that a customer has the opportunity to ask a question and give suggestions. This is the perfect way to hear customers, unlike feedback forms which are present on every website. In my opinion, every company should implement a similar Customer Quality Feedback.

On the contrary, I would not want to participate for several reasons. Firstly, the program has already been canceled. Therefore, it is impossible to participate. Secondly, the human factor is an important reason. Human beings are always interested in something new. I am afraid that if I participated in the program I would not be too excited to wait for a new product release.

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This report was aimed at researching the Customer Quality Feedback program run by Apple to find its advantages, disadvantages and possible solution. The program is a good opportunity for engineers and developers to hear the voice of ordinary consumers. On the contrary, it has several grave disadvantages which were the main reasons for the program’s cancellation. In the last part of the report it was suggested that participating in Apple’s Customer Quality Feedback program is a good opportunity for every ordinary user. However, the list of this program’s disadvantages would prevent me from doing this.

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