Brand Analysis of Saint Laurent Paris


Q: How is the brand (Saint Laurent Paris) positioned in the market place; what does the marketer try to communicate about the brand that gives it advantage. How are main competitors positioned as well?

A:  Saint Laurent Paris is a leading fashion house worldwide. Since its inception in 1961, this fashion house has seen tremendous growth. Over the years, it has provided newer and better brands that have widened its customer base and helped the establishment appeal to more people than most fashion houses. In a nutshell, I can, therefore, state that Saint Laurent Paris is a global market leader in the area of fashion. The marketing style used by Saint Laurent Paris is very unique. The fashion house categorizes its products based on the target customer in terms of gender and also based on the seasons for which a particular type of outfit can best be suited, for instance, men’s wear fall-winter 2014. This gives the customer a chance to make a more informed decision on what kind of outfit is good for him and at what time of the year. This type of merchandize arrangement gives Saint Laurent Paris a significant advantage over its competitors. There are several competitors in the industry, including Rick Owens, who are also doing well in the fashion world. The competition is tight as they also run their business uniquely. All the competitors are of the global level and are placed in the world class position.


Q: Who are the direct competitors (quick analysis of each, including what their competitive advantages/differentiation/positioning are, who leads, who is weakest)

A:  The two key competitors of Saint Laurent Paris are Rick Owens from the USA and Ralf Simon Fashions from Belgium. These two are global fashion designers with relevant houses in the international stage. They also have unique ways of doing business, which makes them outstanding. Rick Owens has been doing well in his areas. His fashion house is old and has been active for a long time. This gives him a competitive advantage over Ralf Simon who started working in the fashion business only in 1995. Owens has been in the market for many years. This, therefore, means that Owens’ experience makes him a more competitive person. His long-standing work and his networks mean a lot to the challenge that he poses as a competitor. Being a fashion designer, Owens is more likely to win consumer confidence, he is also likely to reach out to as many people as possible and this makes him more outstanding. Ralf Simon, on the other hand, has been in the industry for a short time. His former business dealt with furniture; however, he has shown great passion and commitment in the fashion industry. He is also a worthy competitor who cannot just be ignored. He has made his debut in the fashion industry internationally; therefore, one cannot underestimate him.

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Brand Promise

Q: What is the brand (Saint Laurent Paris) promise? (What does the brand promise to do for the consumer?)

A:  Saint Laurent Paris (men’s wear) has a great opportunity of facilitating its growth in the fashion industry. The brand promises that most men will now be able to get most of what they want, including shoes, clothes and watches, from one location.  The consumers will have the greatest joy of not straining when trying to find the best outfits or clothes for different occasions. The fact that this fashion house has made special arrangements for men’s attire makes it have a higher stake in the fashion industry. This is one of the areas in fashion that is growing rapidly and is more promising, with more men looking for new ways to look more fashionable.

Brand Personality

Q: Describe the characteristics / Qualities of the brand (Saint Laurent Paris) in detail (If the brand was a person, how would you describe it?)

A: The brand is versatile; it allows shoppers to make various decisions based on what they really want. There is a lot of variety in the merchandize that a customer can choose from, which means that one is not limited to being able to get certain products and not others. Men are able to meet their clothing requirements at one spot with a group of competent and qualified designers to guide them on how to make rational decisions. If the brand was a person, I would describe him as charming, lovely, caring, and intelligent. This is because the brand is outstanding and gives customers what they deserve.

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Q: Do you think your brand (Saint Laurent Paris) is a great brand? Is it successfully building brand equity? Put yourself in the position of consultant to the brand, and based on your analysis detail one or two ideas on how to better market the brand and/or build brand equity.

A: Saint Laurent Paris is a great brand because it gives people an opportunity to go to a specific location where they can easily get the best quality products all under one roof. Both men and women have all their issues taken care of. In order to market the brand better, its leaders should produce more commercials and fashion shows in various parts of the world. This will give an opportunity for all the people involved in the fashion business to be aware of the latest products from the fashion house and help in promoting them. There should also be more sponsorship for various activities, events and program. For instance, the fashion house may implement some reality TV shows where they dress people with the latest outfits and clothes to showcase what they have to the world. They can also run TV commercials, advertise on the Internet, and sponsor movies by dressing the characters to reach out to people all over the world.

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