Essay about a Place

Thanks to Google Street View and YouTube, anyone can “visit” another city, country, and even outer space. Before the innovation technologies era started, most people had to rely on the experiences of other ones to read or hear about foreign countries. Even now, a descriptive essay is the great way to improve creative writing skills. This type of essay aims at transporting the reader to a new place by using words only. If you are able to describe different things clearly, it will help you in many careers. Here is the guideline on writing descriptive essays.

How to Start

The first thing you need to do is to choose a topic which interests you most. You probably realize that the more vivid and colorful your memories of a place are, the easier it is to describe it. You can look through some of your travel pictures and choose the one which stands out.

Then, write down a list of things which immediately rise in your imagination when you think of this place. After it, try to remember the smaller details and note them too. The longer your list is at this stage, the less you will have to add to the essay later.

When your list is ready, write a rough outline. Do not forget about introductive and conclusive paragraphs. Explain why you have selected this place to describe. You can end your essay with an explanation of how this place has affected you, whether you will return there, and so on. You may include as many paragraphs in the body of your paper as you need to describe a place precisely.

Polish the Draft to Perfection

Once your draft is ready, put your writing away for some time and come back to it a bit later. Read the paper with fresh eyes and see whether it really recreates the described place which you had in mind. Ask someone to read your paper, but delete all the specific references to the location. It would be interesting to see if your reader will guess the place that you are describing in the essay.

If your first effort cannot cope with it, just add more text or cut unnecessary words to make the picture clearer. Make sure you do not use slang and clichés, explain all the foreign words that are used in the text. Ensure the essay flows logically.

 Make sure to read as much essay samples as you can find so that you know how your paper should look like.


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