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Top 3 Basic Ways of Gathering Data for Research Papers

Writing a research paper is not a difficult process if you have good sources. On the other hand, it can turn into a nightmare if you don’t have them. Gathering quality data is one of the most frequently arising problems when writing a research paper or a dissertation. It can really become a huge dilemma for the students who want to go through their academic process with dignity.  

First of all, it should be mentioned that you can use different methods and procedures for gathering the data for your term paper. The selection of a certain method depends on its inherent peculiarities and idiosyncrasies, as well as on topic of your research. Let’s look at top 3 main data gathering methods that you can utilize for your academic advantage.

  • Data Mining. If we speak about data mining – the first thing to mention is that this procedure is a very simple one. Generally, this method, which is also known as knowledge discovery, represents a process of analyzing the data from different angles in order to summarize it into a solid piece of thoughtful and useful information. Data mining can also be described as a process of seeking and discovering certain patterns or correlations among many different fields or subjects. As a rule, data can be found among academic centers and research institutions. Another way to apply data mining is to use special data-mining software designed specifically for the purpose of seeking relevant information.
  • Interviewing. It’s another simple yet very powerful method for gathering data. The number one advantage of interviewing is that you can gather reliable data from the subjects of your interviews. For instance, theoretical information about building a successful business gathered from the books is of little value compared to a couple of interviews with successful businessmen, who have already made their fortunes. Arranging or performing an interview is a time consuming task, but it’s totally worth your time because of the quality of the data obtained from this data gathering method. First-hand experience will always be of the most importance.
  • Surveying. It’s pretty much like interviewing, but it allows gathering greater volumes of data from a number of subjects at a time via a written medium. Surveying requires the creation of the survey, the conduction of the survey, and analyzes of gathered data. The gathered data is of high quality; therefore, it is highly advisable to use it for your research. Modern online tools allow making a surveying process very easy via online survey tools. New technologies allow you to make the survey and analyze its results right from the comfort of your home. Information about how to create a good survey for your research can also be found online. 



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