Top 4 Inspiring Books for Writing Essays

Very often when students have to write an essay, they resort to using various books and manuals that help to design their works correctly. They frequently search for information on different online resources. Special guides can be useful to make the essay more accurate and interesting in terms of grammar, stylistics and punctuation. Not all learners pay attention to manuals on writing books. Although the books and the articles differ in the amount of information, these manuals can undoubtedly give many practical recommendations on writing your own work. Here is a compiled list of books that can be useful and interesting for many students in the writing process.

Reading Books for the Benefit of Writing Your Own Ones

Bird for the Bird – Anne Lemott

The book Bird for the Bird by Anne Lemott can become a real aid for beginners in writing. It has already become classics of the genre, and a lot of people have definitely heard many popular quotes from this piece of writing. One of these quotes accurately describes the process of creating a book: "You just do it gradually, without hurrying – one bird at a time and then another and another." These words were said by the father of the protagonist, who couldn't write an essay on birds and has been waiting until the last day of summer vacations. Bird after bird will be useful not only in writing large volumes of works, but it will also help those who are going to write a small essay or simply a college article.

Zen in the Art of Writing – Ray Bradbury

Ray Bradbury, a modern science-fiction author, whose works have already become legendary, once mentioned the following about the creative process: "If you do not invest your entire soul, all your efforts, all your love into your book, you are only half writer." Try to listen to the advice of one of the most influential writers of all times and then you will have no difficulties in creating amazing works easily and with great pleasure.

On Writing Well – William Zinsser

On Writing Well by William Zinsser is a perfect guide for students and pupils to start their writing career. It will help to improve your speech by making it more sophisticated and at the same time interesting. Your style will soon become unobtrusive and easy to comprehend. The book is not hard to read and, besides, it is quite short and unbelievably gripping. It can easily become your daily handbook.

Story – Robert McKee

The advice of a successful scenarist can be certainly very useful for the novice writers. The recommendations in this book instruct you how to make your work not as boring and addictive as the plot of the Hollywood movie. The author focuses on many important points, such as content, style and structure of an article.


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