5 Step Guide to Finding the Apartment of Your Dreams

Life would be so much simpler if schools taught courses on how to adult. Sadly, we are all left to fend for ourselves in the big, wide scary world. One of the main challenges of becoming independent is finding a place to live. Here are a couple of tips on how to get the apartment of your dreams.

Set a Budget

If you don’t know how much you can spend, you don’t know what you should expect. Calculate how much you need for monthly expenditures, and the rest can be dedicated to rent. However, not all of your money should necessarily go towards your apartment. Setting some cash aside can pay off in the long run.


The state of an apartment is often much less important than where it’s situated. Think about your commute. Spending an hour or more in traffic every day can spoil anyone’s day. Additionally, the money you spend on transportation, whether it’s through gas or public transport, can eliminate any advantage you might gain by choosing a less prestigious area.

Start You Search Online

Perhaps 20 years ago employing an agent would be the way to go, but nowadays, you can simply look though personals online to get an idea about what you might expect. Small properties owners usually don’t want to spend any extra money and will simply list their place on Craigslist.

See the Places for Yourself

Begin the process by choosing five apartments and dedicating a day to visiting them. A little bit more and you will, probably, get fatigued by having a look at properties. Any less and you are not doing enough.

Take Your Time

Don’t make any decisions simply because you feel like you should. Likewise, don’t rush to sign any contracts. Those are not easy to get rid of. Unless your current living situation is unbearable, take the time to really look and make sure the apartment you finally settle on fit most if not all of your requirements.


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