How to Improve Memorization Skills?

To cope with the constant flow of information a student has to memorize during a semester, before and after an exam sometimes may seem quite overwhelming. While there is no single way out to store all the necessary knowledge in your head, the following method of improving your memorization skills is aimed at accelerating the process of learning new material and recalling the already learned facts when needed.

In order to memorize the huge amount of information, it is crucial to understand what you’ve just heard or read. Such process of comprehension may require a few hours, a few days or even a few weeks, which depend on the difficulty of a field student studies. This means that you need to overlook a topic and make sure you have enough time in possession in order to get prepared well.

  • Start getting prepared in advance is one of the main gears of the suggested method of memorization improvement. It is much easier to learn and store information for a longer period of time if you started preparation for your exam at least a week before. In such a way, you’ll avoid cramming in last night, hence, stress, sleepless nights and poor grades.



  •  Use notecards as an effective mean to develop your learning skills. Though, many students reject the idea with making notecards because it is time-consuming to create them, the positive effect such method has on our studying and memorizing skills worth both time and efforts. Make it your habit to prepare such cards immediately after the end of a class, seminar or lecture in order to imprint key facts not only on paper but in your memory too.
  • Study step-by-step recommendation intends to divide all the information you have to learn into small manageable pieces of facts. Of course, this is impossible without starting getting prepared in advance. However, equal division of the material into a certain amount of days will not only help you to study gradually, without haste and effectively but will give you an opportunity to repeat the already comprehended information day-by-day before the exam.
  • Concentrate only on the main concepts of a certain topic. To retrieve the necessary facts from your memory, pay attention only to the key words and phrases that fully and clearly describe a question. In case you use notecards to train your memory, each card answer shouldn’t exceed more than 3-5 sentences. Try narrowing your answers in a way they express the main point of a question. Remember, both exam and notecard answers should contain short, well-considered sentences, which are relevant to a topic.

Use these useful tips to improve your memorizing skills in practice in order to get convinced in their effective result. Choose the methods of studying that will help you succeed in college!


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