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Resources for Coping with Grief

Grief is a natural overwhelming emotion that results from the loss of one’s loved one or something for which one had deep affection. Grief is a natural occurrence, and since one cannot escape it, the best thing is to learn how to cope with it so that they can proceed with their normal life even after the loss that brings about the grief. To help a patient deal with grief, one needs to be aware of where to go for the resources which are of maximum help to the patient. The patient also needs to be advised on the best methods to identify the resources.

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Various resources may be available to help an individual deal with grief. One of the resources that should be considered is Grief Support Group. This is a caring group of people who help a patient to overcome his/her painful experiences. Going through the grieving process alone may be very difficult, and it takes time to cope with the situation. Therefore, the patient needs people who will offer emotional support and encourage him or her.

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Even though there are other sources, I would choose this one since the support groups are formed by people who are aware of the patient’s mournful experiences and willing to offer their support. These people often interact with different individuals suffering from grief and thus know the best way to handle these issues (GriefShare, n.d.). Someone else who has never been stricken by grief or interacted with people who are grieving may not get a good understanding of the pain that one goes through. Therefore, referring a patient to these support groups will be of great assistance since the members of the group have dealt with similar situations in the past. Consequently, they may be able to help the patient recover his or her normal life in the shortest time possible.

However, there are also other resources which can serve the same purpose. In a situation where the patient is unable to access the support groups, he or she can get advice and counseling from healthcare providers or church leaders. The patient can also get resources which will enable him or her to cope with the grief on the Internet (“Coping with grief and loss”, n.d.).

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All the above-mentioned methods are aimed at helping an individual withstand his/her grief, since this is a normal phenomenon in our life. When caring for an individual who has been stricken by grief, it is wise to identify the best available resources to use depending on the intensity of grief and the personality of the patient.

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