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Under a threat of imminent nuclear attack the decision on who to let into the nearest fall-out shelter, the choice to narrowing down from 12 people to 5 has be wages on rationality and social purposefulness to the newly established community. Having the choices, a reasonable choice for repopulating the Earth would be to take a 28-yr-old male physicist, who has the knowledge and also can protect people with his gun in the future. For the purposes of cultural development a 40-yr-old violinist would be a good representative. There is no reason for the negative prejudice about his probable narcotics dealership as it is not proven, therefore might not be true. As a pair for the violinist, I might choose a 34-yr-old prostitute, as after retiring she would want to settle down into a good life. The fifth person is a 60-yr-old architect, who has enough time to teach others and is so experienced that will help building up a great new town. A good partner for the physicist would be a 23-yr-old female Catholic graduate who has the whole life for reproduction and teaching virtue to the future generations. After all giving the chance for a 12-yr-old girl who has still time to catch up and have a wonderful life after all.

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Unfortunately, the lawyer and his wife might not be the good candidates for taking them into the shelter for two reasons: there would be no need in the profession of lawyer in a new blank slate society, and an ex-mental patient can also be a slow-down bomb. The 70-yr-old rabbi would be an intervention with the Christian prophecies of the young lady. In addition, the rabbi is at an age close to death, therefore it would be more altruistic to take someone who has a longer lifespan instead. It would of course be a problem to handle the male high school student with the wheelchair, even though it represents a sign of discrimination. It would be a bad choice to take an instable gang member who might kill everybody if he gets frustrated with something. At the end, trying to take a pair for everyone a 19-yr. old college gay student would not be all together useful for the society for the purposes of reproduction. 

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