Marcia's Identity Status

Understanding of identity status is very important in life. Living without clear understanding of who you really are means you do not live in full. Considering the theory of Marcia, I would say that my level of self-identification is somewhere between identity foreclosure and identity achievement (Oswalt, 2010; Santrock, 2012). In other words, I have a lot of commitment to my family and husband while I am not in pursue of my dream of becoming medical assistant pursuing clinical psychology. On the other hand, I know what I want and I want it badly. It is very important for me to become not just a wife and the mother of my kids, but a good specialist as well.

I understand that such desire is partially dictated by my parents’ influence. My Asian roots and upbringing in the family of Catholics, both strict parents (a nurse and a civil engineering father), the service of my husband for 14 years already and three children – all these factors have influenced my self-identification process for years. Parents wanted me to become a medical doctor; it was my dream as well (and still is). However, I could not make my career the top priority in life. My choice is similar to the one of the example provided by Oswalt (2010), relating it to Marcia’s theory – the girl chose being as her mother and grandmother because it was a tradition. I understand that it could have been changed and I would be a doctor by now.

Additionally, I understand that it is very hard to fulfill my dream. On the other hand, having a clear understating of where I am now and to what stage I need to develop my desire to become a medical assistant pursuing clinical psychology, I know what to do. Marcia’s theory helped me to understand what was done wrong in the past and how I can change it, how my life can be changed with my and only my efforts.



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