Faith Is to Believe What People Do Not See

The matter of faith is highly significant in human life. Faith is a power that leads people up to their purpose. It is essential to believe and never give up. In order not to be discouraged, people need to know stories of faith that is rewarded. Therefore, these stories might be helpful for everybody, who experiences some problems at the moment.

The power of faith is what Hans Christian Andersen discusses in his fairy tale “The Bell”. It is about the bell sound that was confusing people of that fairy tale town. Nobody knew where did the sound come from, however, everybody wanted to find it out. Whereas people were talking about the sound, the emperor himself became curious where that sound was coming from. The emperor promised to reward the one, who could find it and explain it. Soon, people doubled their efforts. Even children started looking for the bell, but they refused of that idea quickly. Meanwhile, some of them were getting tired, the others went further, but they were distracted with beautiful landscapes, a pretty house in the woods and other miracles. Only one boy, who was the prince, went further. The prince had to pass through different trials, sufferings, hindrances. He decided to climb onto the cliffs. He found the bell and the temple on the top of the cliff. His faith was rewarded with his finding.

The art work that was chosen is  The Invitation of Tom duBois. The painting was made in 1998, and it presents the author’s vision of Noah’s Ark. This is the most detailed picture in his Noah's Ark series. Noah from Old Testament is an example of faith. He spent a considerable part of his life building the ark without any insurance that he will need it later. People were laughing at him because nobody believed that there would be the Great Flood. In spite of that, Noah kept on making the ark for he has been a man of a strong faith for his whole life. This painting shows all the details of what is going to happen. With these details, people can assume that it was not just a story. It was as real as in the duBois painting. Can modern people understand what it means to build such a big ship without a special equipment? Are people aware of the danger living side by side with wild animals for “forty days and forty nights”? It is doubtful that there are those, who would agree to such a mission in a modern world. Naturally, it requires a strong faith in the successful result of one’s efforts.

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Furthemore, a short story Return of the Flowers by Bruno Ferrero was chosen in order to support the theme of the paper. According to the plot of the story, one of the greatest wizards got tired of evil people, so he left his country and went to live in the mountains. After he had left, all the flowers in the country faded forever, and the country turned into the desert. Thus, flowers remained only in people’s memory. Old people were retelling the new generations about this, but nobody believed them. One person, who believed, was a poor widow’s son. He decided to find the wizard one day. His friends were aware of his plan and were just laughing at him. When he grew up, he started his looking-for-wizard journey. He went straight to the North and traveled for a very long time. One day, he faced a hindrance on his way. It was an immense mountain, so giant that he could not walk over it. The only choice he had was to climb it, and the young man did so. He climbed the mountain for four days. At night of the fourth day, he found himself on the top of the mountain. He was very tired; thus, he went to the nearby stream to quench his thirst. He became stronger right after the first sip and suddenly heard someone’s voice. The voice asked him of what he was looking for. He answered that he came to ask the great wizard to give back people all the flowers. He was sure that it would help them to become good again. After his words, he was carried by invisible hands to the field full of flowers and encouraged to gather the best flowers out of there. The boy gathered few beautiful bunches of flowers and was allowed to take them back to his country. “It is only for your courage and faith,” said the voice, “that you can bring the flowers back to your country”. Then, the boy come back home and was welcomed in his country. All the people became good and happy, and their country turned into a beautiful garden. For his courage to believe in what nobody believed, people chose him to be their king.

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In terms of the song, “Because you loved me”, which was written by Diane Warren for Canadian singer Céline Dion, was chosen. This ballad is about a woman thanking a faithful loved one for support, love and faith. Thanks to him, she became the person, whom she is today. The lyrics related to the faith theme are the following:

You were my strength when I was weak

You were my voice when I couldn't speak

You were my eyes when I couldn't see

You saw the best there was in me

Lifted me up when I couldn't reach

You gave me faith 'coz you believed (Dion).

It is essential to emphasize that this song is inspiring to a considerable degree. It shows that when one is blessed with a person, who takes care of and believes in him or her no matter what, one will handle everything. The one, who sees another person “through it all”, also sees his or her potential and believes in that person, which helps one to believe, as well.

The movie that is related to the issue of faith is Journey to the Center of the Earth (2008). The main character in this movie is Professor Trevor Anderson. Anderson’s colleagues are laughing at him, because he believes in impractical theories. He is in charge of his brother’s lab after his disappearance ten years ago. He loved his brother very much, and so he kept brother’s belongings. Once, he discovers that one of those things that his brother have left is a bit unusual. It is the Jules Verne’s book Journey to the Center of the Earth with mysterious notes on the margins. Professor Anderson realizes that this book is not a fiction and goes to Iceland to discover even more. Naturally, nobody believes him, but it does not stop him from going there. He finds a famous Iceland professor’s name there on the book margins, so he goes to his place. There he discovers that the professor is dead, so he tells the entire story to his daughter Hannah. She does not believe him either, though agrees to help. Finally, they find the underworld, realizing that Jule Verne was a witness, and his book was a report of the journey to another world. As a reward, professor Anderson gets a bunch of diamonds and a rare bird exemplar as his evidence. This story is also about the faith as it is about a person, who believed in spite of all.

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All these stories are about a reward that one could get for his or her faith. Their main characters got what they were looking for, and that is a significant encouragement for everyone’s endeavours to believe in something despite everything. Such people are worth imitating, because they do not give up. Nowadays, it is a substantially useful approach to life, and one can get it by learning from others – the ones who believe. 

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