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When going to the museum or to the exhibition of some painter, we always have some expectations about what we will see. After the review of works that we have seen, on the basis of our expectations and skills of a painter, we get satisfied or frustrated. We evaluate everything, we evaluate architecture and buildings as well. Every person has his or her generic expectations of portraits and architecture. In this paper, we will discuss what people usually expect from paintings and from the architecture of office buildings. We will give one example for both – portrait and architecture in order to explain how they meet human expectations.

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First of all, we need to say a few words about portrait. It is a genre, which demonstrates human body or part of it. It is regarded as one of the most complicated types of painting that requires, regardless of the style of painting, mixture and combination of many aspects. The first and the most important thing about generic expectations of a portrait is likeness. People who get right proportions look as beautiful in the picture as in the reality. Portraits are expected to be realistic and to be familiar with those who are represented on them. In most cases, portraits are made strictly realistic like paintings of royal families or famous people. Sometimes, they are made funny and positive like sketches or cartoons, but in any case, likeness is the first thing that is evaluated by the viewer.

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A self-portrait of Vincent van Gogh, for example, looks expressive and intriguing. Expectations from this portrait are fully meet because of the realistic expression on the face and distinct character of the illustrated person. Being an impressionistic piece of art, it shows us a man with a character that is clearly illustrated. That is why, the most important thing for the painter is not only to demonstrate likeness, but also to show a real character of a person.

Speaking about generic expectations of office buildings, we can state that people that are going to see architecture for any purpose paint in their mind a perfect picture of a building. Expectations from the real building are quite different from those that could be met regarding the artistic taste on the exhibition. Office buildings are regarded to be modern, representative and functional, with technical innovations that demonstrate the ability of a company to move its business forward.

A big spacious structure with comfortable technique and additional equipment looks pretty good. Nevertheless, every company has its own expectations regarding the sphere in which it operates. For example, the Shard London Bridge is the highest office center in London. It looks modern and full of different institutions and rooms for different purposes. It completely meets expectations of most of people because of its size, comfort, and multi-functionality. It has 72 floors and an open-air territory on the top for the observation. Being made mostly by glass in a pyramidal form, it looks modern and comfortable at the same time. The building needs to be the best in the way it is expected to be used in order to meet all the expectations of a person.

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In conclusion, we can say that generic expectations are met while we deal with perfect product or a piece of art. Every person expects to see a perfect picture of what he or she has imagined. Portraits are expected to be realistic or directly representing a personality of a human. Buildings are expected to be comfortable and perfect for the distinct purpose.

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