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Compare and Contrast Two Art Works

This art assignment paper will compare and contrast two art works by modern authors. These are Kylooe – Downhearted Dragonfly by little Thunder and La Chapelle Underground by Charles Berberian. To discuss these art works four criteria will be used. To start with, form is the first characteristic of every visual art. The viewers have to deal with line, shapes, color, texture, spatial qualities and composition first. The first art work Kylooe looks more volumetric than the second one due to the usage of shades. There is a street view represented on both of them, yet Little Thunder gives more volume to the building in the center of the picture. Berberian’s street does not look more two-dimensional in comparison. The scale of both art works is limited. For Kylooe, these are the variations of the orange color. For La Chapelle Underground, these are variations of grey color. Colors on the both of art works are not very intensive. They would range for nearly 5 in a scale form 1 to 10. Furthermore, the second art work is colored with color spots adding translucency to the picture.

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As for the texture, the pictures give different impressions of their perspective. In the foreground of Kylooe, viewers may notice some people. Nevertheless, more positive space is taken by the big building in the background. With La Chapelle Underground, these details are on the each ground of the art work. Surely, the most noticeable detail is the bridge; still there are cars and people all over the picture. Thus, the viewer’s attention can be drawn to them, as well. Another spatial quality of these pictures is their rhythm. It is not so obvious, but it is present here. Little Thunder adds some rhythm to the art work through the distribution of building components. It means that positions of windows, floors and commercials on the building make specific rhythm on the picture. Because of the rhythm, three heads on the foreground draw more attention. They do not fit it and discord it. There are also rhythmical elements in La Chapelle Underground. These are zigzags on the bridge, zebra crossings and placement of the roads and traffic lights. Talking about the form of the art works, one should mention also about the composition. Both pictures are well-balanced; they do not have much negative space in it. At the first sight, both of them are asymmetrical, nevertheless opinion changes soon. Three human heads in Kylooe look asymmetrical, but they are placed in the bottom left corner to balance the building situated on the right. Meanwhile, Berberian attains to the symmetry with the usage of vertical lines; otherwise the whole composition would look chaotic.

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These art works reflect the distinctive style of both authors. Little Thunder became a full-time comics author in 2001, and received the Best New Artist Award at the China Japan Comics Exchange in the following year. Her signature comics trilogy Kylooe was published in France from 2010 to 2012, during which the Chinese versions of the first two stories Downhearted Dragonfly and Green Tunnel were also released in mainland China. Her works are always rich in color and look three-dimensional. Her art still follows Japanese style and reminds of Japanese cartoons. Charles Berberian is more known for his cooperation with Philippe Dupuy. They create graphic novels together. Berberian is inclined to use few colors in his comics. He is often satisfied with two or three colors in his art works. Thus, La Chapelle Underground is but one typical example of his style.

Comics as the media are strip pictures, images usually combined with text. They were formerly designed for illustrations caricatures. Now comics can tell different stories and even tell something about their authors. To communicate ideas there are usually speech balloons there. Thus, though viewing the line of picture people can get an idea via them. What are the ideas of these comics about Kylooe and the Underground? One can grasp it primarily from the authors’ description. Little Thunder intended to depict a little girl that cannot integrate with her classmates. Even in the picture she is the last person in a raw walking across the street. That huge building even highlights her loneliness, for her feelings are despair and loneliness in a big city. Thus, even when the whole picture is done in cheerful warm colors, the art work’s meaning is quite sad. Meanwhile, Berberian’s purpose is to depict a railway station near his home. He loves Paris and watching the trains rolling in the sky, but for that he chooses pale and dull colors. 

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In conclusion, these two comics are very different. The authors are from different cultures and they have different style. Their works might have looked similar for the first-time viewers, but they are not. Behind the appearance of a simple street view different ideas are hidden. 

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