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It is commonly held that a curriculum vitae (CV) and resume are one and the same. However, in fact, they are not the same. Generally, a resume should summarize your academic achievements, skills and industry-related experience, while a CV should provide much more detail and highlight your personal attributes, special qualities, accomplishments and any work or relevant experience you have had. If you get these important documents confused, your resume or CV could be rendered ineffective. We have a team of professional writers who excel at crafting resumes and CVs and they totally understand how the two differ, and they can provide you with the exact document you need to get the attention of prospective employers.

It can be a difficult job to get your resume or CV noticed. However, we have been achieving this for many years and we operate with professionalism. Our writing experts will take the information you provide and build an excellent resume or CV around it, making it irresistible to would-be employers. It is essential to show your strong points in the right place if your resume or CV is to be successful and this is an area our writers are very skilled in.


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