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A Word about Plagiarism Detection

The custom writing marketplace is awash with providers promising customers they can deliver perfectly written college papers. There are online providers who claim their writers hold various doctorates, while others say their papers are tested using the most sophisticated plagiarism detection systems before they are proofread by an editorial team and other writing experts.

Amidst all this, we take pride in being able to say that we have never sent a paper containing plagiarism to a single customer. We are not saying that there has not been the occasional trace of plagiarism found in our work because that would not be true, what we say is that not a single customer, who uses the services of, has received a plagiarized paper. We use quality control procedures to identify whether the paper contains plagiarism, so all suspect work is rewritten or revised quickly. In this way, our customers are not inconvenienced and they are not aware of the background processes. What our customers want is simply a custom-made paper that is in no way plagiarized. This is exactly what we provide.

At, we use special detection systems to keep plagiarism at bay. Moreover, we have developed a special client version, so that our customers can access this software. While a lot of companies say they use these types of systems, not many of them actually do and none of them provide a version of the scanning software to the customers who buy their papers. We are confident that our papers are of the highest quality and we are happy to provide customers with the tools so that they can judge for themselves.

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