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The custom writing marketplace is awash with providers promising perfectly written college papers. Some online providers claim their writers have doctorates in various fields, others say their papers are tested using the most sophisticated plagiarism detection systems before they are delivered to their customers.

Amidst all this, we take pride in being able to say that we have never sent a paper containing plagiarism to a single customer. We are not saying that there has not been any occasional trace of plagiarism found in our work because that would not be true. What we say is that not a single customer, who uses the services of, has received a plagiarized paper. We use quality control procedures and a special technology to identify plagiarized content in the created papers, so all suspect work is rewritten or revised quickly. We understand that our customers want custom-made papers that are in no way plagiarized. This is exactly what we provide.


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Defining the Term Plagiarism

Plagiarism means using someone else’s work and pretending it to be yours. Talking about the educational area, this definition may vary depending on the educational establishment. Still, in general, plagiarizing is regarded as a breach of copyright and violation of the academic code of ethics. Actually, plagiarism is considered the so-called form of theft that often happens in the academic setting. It is necessary to admit that plagiarizers face negative consequences when they neglect giving proper credit to the authors whose ideas or works they use. We will describe the consequences later, and now let’s talk about the types of copy-pasting and why they occur.

Distinguishing Between the Kinds of Plagiarism

Differentiating between the kinds of copy-pasting is important since you should be aware of the cases when you may get caught into a trap, which you may even set on your own. So, let’s describe the major types of copy-pasting:


Some students think that they can use the papers which they have created on their own the way they want. However, this is not quite right. If you copy some information from your previous works and paste it into the paper you are currently working on, it will be considered plagiarizing. So, relevant citations are to be provided.

Mosaic Copy-Pasting

This term is synonymous to patchwork. This is the process of loose restatement of another author’s work without providing proper acknowledgements. It may occur both accidentally and intentionally. It may be hard for a plagiarism tool to detect this kind of copy-pasting since it is often marked as original content.

Patchwork Plagiarizing

The essence of this method is in putting together the material from already produced writing projects with the purpose of creating a new work. It involves some rewording with minimal changes. This kind of copy-pasting is unintentional and usually occurs among the students.

Unintended Plagiarism

Plagiarized content may appear in one’s work accidentally. Unintentional plagiarizing is a common thing among the freshmen. Still, it is regarded as a breach of academic integrity. To avoid negative consequences, students need to learn how to properly cite online resources, published work, etc.

Not to face serious problems caused by any type of copy-pasting, it is necessary to use effective technology to identify plagiarized content. In this way, it is easier to detect the cases that need improvement. However, if you don’t have a clue about what writing from scratch implies and what plagiarism detection tool to use, use our services. Thus, you won’t need to get concerned about the above-mentioned. At, each document goes through a detailed plagiarism check made by our solid plagiarism detection tool.

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Highlighting the Difference between Intentional and Accidental Plagiarism

We have already described the latter. Now, let’s talk about the former. So, intentionally plagiarized content is the one copied from someone’s work on purpose. It can be an article, book, scholarly project, website, or any other source of information. Any plagiarism detector can identify it. As to accidental plagiarizing, it occurs when one fails to:

  • properly cite the sources of information;
  • rephrase another person’s paper (even if proper citations are included);
  • cite one’s own works.

Being aware of the difference between these kinds of copy-pasting is rather useful. You may not even guess that you’ve plagiarized, and now you know what aspects to pay attention to avoid major troubles. Still, this knowledge doesn’t absolve you from responsibility for plagiarizing. Remember, it is of cardinal importance to check your paper for plagiarism before submitting it. If writing papers makes you feel nervous, submit your assignments to us and sigh with relief. We produce texts from scratch and we know how to check your paper to ensure it’s absolutely original. At, we use special plagiarism detection systems to keep plagiarism at bay.

Always Check Your Paper for Plagiarism to Avoid Negative Consequences

Copy-pasted papers can cause you a lot of problems regardless of the category of people you belong to. Let us explain what we mean.

The consequences that appear as a result of plagiarizing can be grouped by profession and person. For example:

  • Students who don’t use plagiarism-checking tools or don’t know how to check texts for plagiarism will certainly get into trouble. They may get low grades, be expelled or even suspended from studies.
  • Scholars who work for their degrees and fail to create original content will hardly obtain the desired degree.
  • Content writers who use different resources to produce papers have to use a good plagiarism detector to make certain their projects are free from copied material. Otherwise, they would hardly get any orders for completion.
  • Journalists who fail to produce original work betray readers’ and publishers’ trust meaning no one will consider them experts in a particular field. Everyone will know that such journalists don’t comply with the established code of ethics, which is considered a serious violation.

Apart from the described consequences, there is also a moral aspect of the matter. When you provide a copy-pasted work, you pretend to be someone whom you are not. In other words, you are lying about your expertise and experience. Content writers or any other category of people who steal someone’s ideas risk losing their position in a specific area and reputation. So, why not try to create original content to add some novelty to a particular field? If producing original work is not your cup of tea, address us. We know how to check your paper to make certain it’s unique. Our plagiarism detector is reliable meaning it ensures a thorough check.

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Why We Use Our Plagiarism Detector

Creating original content is not a piece of cake. It requires a deep knowledge of the matter in question, complete awareness of the peculiarities of different citation styles, good research skills, etc. When writing papers, one usually refers to different online resources that have to be cited accordingly. However, considering the pressure which students are usually under, they may fail to make proper citations what results in plagiarism. That’s why it is essential to use plagiarism-checking tools not to fail the assigned tasks.

As to our team, we are confident about our content writers’ skills and expertise. We know they can produce an original work on any topic and arrange it in any citation style. Whether they use online resources or the published ones, they always adhere to the set formatting standards. Still, we do use our plagiarism detector after paper completion to make a careful plagiarism check. Why? Because we want to make certain that our customers will receive nothing but original content.

Using our plagiarism detector, we can:

  • invalid plagiarism such as terms, statistics, common knowledge, etc.;
  • accidental copy-pasting;
  • incorrectly arranged citations;
  • AI-generated material.

Our reliable plagiarism tool allows us to make a quick check, meaning no waste of time is possible. Moreover, our modern detector shows an exact percentage of plagiarized content detected in the scanned paper. This lets us examine each specific case and make the required corrections to ensure authenticity of the text.

How do we check your paper for copied content? We log in to our plagiarism tool and then paste your text in a specific window, press the “Start Checking” and wait a few minutes. Then, we thoroughly examine the results of the conducted check to make certain everything is ok. So, if you don’t have a clue about how to check your paper for copy-pasted material or how to write it in the right manner, contact us for help.

Our Up-to-Date Plagiarism Detector Guarantees a Complete Plagiarism Check

Without a doubt, you can be absolutely confident of obtaining original work from our company. We can guarantee our customers original content owing to our skilled content writers and one of the best plagiarism-checking tools. Our powerful detector:

  • is quick;
  • checks numerous online resources to detect possible similarities;
  • provides different ways of uploading documents, i..e Dropbox, OneDrive, by URL, etc;
  • accepts texts in different formats;
  • scans texts in different languages;
  • guarantees security to users’ files;
  • provides accurate results.

Moreover, we’ve made it possible for our customers to use our software and make sure their papers are authentic. For more details, you should address our customer support team.

While a lot of companies say they use plagiarism-checking tools, not many of them actually do. However, we at, always make an expert check of each document to be sure that our customers will get nothing but exclusive content. We are confident that our papers are of the highest quality and we are happy to welcome our customers to use our services to see for themselves.

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