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Students often get the impression, usually from their instructors, that using an online custom writing service is a form of academic dishonesty, or cheating.

Certainly it is appropriate to ask yourself if seeking help from a custom essay writing service is ethical.  While we cannot speak for any other services from which students buy research papers, we can state that your use of is neither unethical nor illegal, and here is why:

  1. First, our mission it to provide assistance to students as they struggle to prepare their essay and paper assignments.  It is not unusual for students to enlist the services of tutors when they need help in math, science, even English.  
  2. It is important as well to understand that throughout their careers, professionals use the services of speech writers and ghostwriters.  We all seek help in those areas in which we have weaknesses.

Our custom writing service offers model essays and papers for students, based upon assignments that they have been given by course instructors.  Our goal is to have one of our professional writers prepare each ordered essay or paper and to deliver it to the student customer, so that he/she can have a flawless sample of what the assignment should look and read like.


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Students come to use our custom paper writing services when they are unable to produce their own essays, term papers, book reviews, research projects, case studies and other academic writing.  What we do for them is take their order specifics, finding a qualified writer from our professional team.  That writer will produce a completely original paper – a work that has outstanding research and flawless composition.  We do not have the expectation that the student will submit this original piece as his/her own but rather use it as a model, as a source of information about the topic in question, and as an appropriate listing of great source materials that could be used.

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Because all written work that our professionals produce is completely original, written for and sold only to the customer who has paid for it, we are obviously not violating any copyright laws, as cheap price writing companies may be, when they sell pre-written works to unsuspecting students.  Such students may face charge of plagiarism, and there is the potential of copyright violation.

It is important for us to emphasize that the writing you buy from us is original – not one sentence has been taken from any other piece of writing.  All information and/or words taken directly from works used for research are cited properly.  When you receive your custom essay or other written work, you have not stolen it from anywhere.  It was written only for you, based upon your instructions, and has been paid for by you.  It belongs to you, and we will never publish it, distribute it, re-sell it, or transfer it to anyone else.  You can feel fully safe using our best essay writing service!


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Of all of the writing services that you might use, we are probably the most understanding when you find yourself in the predicament of essays and papers due and either insufficient time to complete them or lacking the abilities to conduct the research and organize the content into a cohesive and well-written piece of writing that will receive a decent grade. When you face these obstacles, we are always here for you and we can be trusted to come through for you even under urgent circumstances.  For over seven years, we have been in this industry, and for all of these years, we have dedicated ourselves to custom and original writing services.


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When you say, “Write my paper” to us, here is what you will receive:

  1. Custom writing that meets your designated specifications
  2. Delivery by your deadline parameters
  3. Plagiarism-free writing, begun from scratch, reviewed for quality and software-scanned for plagiarism
  4. Format and citation style that you request
  5. Full confidentiality and protection of your privacy
  6. Assumption of complex and large projects

Don’t waste time stressing over written assignments or going to questionable services.  Let be your writing partner!


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