Work on a Profound To-Do List

The increase in the employees’ productivity and maintenance of their focus on the working process has been a burning issue of the modern job market. Recently, a To-Do List has been widely used as a very useful tool in organizing and measuring the workload. However, people tend to fail in putting it into practice.

         Misuse of a To-Do List

Work-oriented employees try to complete as many tasks as possible, creating the list of duties they are obliged to fulfill to a certain deadline. Their self-esteem boosts with pride as soon as they accomplish everything in time. However, they do blame themselves in case something goes beyond the control. The main mistake the workers make lies in a wrong setting of objectives. It shouldn’t be all about the quantity of the tasks you succeeded in performing but quality and effectiveness of your job.

The second misuse of a To-Do List comprises inability to cross out all the tasks you included in a huge list. We are prone to test our skills while working under pressure and overloading ourselves, which results in self-loathing and pathetic attitude towards what we devote most of our precious time to. Do not waste your energy on unworthy tasks. Try to cope with the most significant items that do matter and bring you a job satisfaction.

         A Profound To-Do List

1) A To-Do List must be simple and contain no more than three tasks. The more tasks there are in your list, the less productively you accomplish them.

2) It is important to write the list before the forthcoming day, so you know how to make the day productive.

3) Complete the most significant tasks prior to those that can wait. Never try to do two things at once. Before moving further, make sure there is nothing unfinished left.

4) Very often, it is hard to determine three main tasks for one day. It often occurs when a person is bothered about personal and job-related stuff at once. You may suffer from lack of self-control and get distracted, which reduces the level of your productivity. In this case, take your time and focus on things tormenting you and preventing you from fulfilling your work. Release the thoughts that are wandering in your head. Write them down and promise to complete them when time comes. It will restore your balance and will help to concentrate on a To-Do List.

5) While making a To-Do List, never underestimate less time-consuming tasks. It is good to focus on important items that push your career prospects forward, but don’t forget about small ones waiting for implementation and draining your energy because you avoid them and leave them unnoticed. Of course, prioritized items should be done first. However, do not lay back tasks that determine whether or not you will succeed.

Do not exhaust yourself with a heavy workload which is impossible to complete. Create a To-Do List that will help you move not to get stuck in unreasonable anxiety and fear to fail. Use the tips above to boost your productivity.


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