Tips for Writing a Reflective Essay Outline

When receiving the assignment to write a reflective essay, most students think that it’s going to be very easy. Reflecting on your personal experience doesn’t seem to be difficult. However, when you get to actual writing, you may have a tough time developing your paper. Of course, creating a reflective essay is much easier than, for instance, an argumentative one. But it can be not as easy as you think. Writing a reflective essay takes a lot of skills and knowledge. You have to be able to describe the event and assess your experience in a manner that will lead you to getting a high grade. To make your writing easier, clearer, more concise and organized, you should create a reflective essay outline before starting to write your paper. Learn the tips to write it from this article.

Creating a Reflective Essay Outline

Why do you need to create an outline anyway? First of all, it’ll serve as a clear roadmap for you. It’ll also help you remember all the necessary details and avoid revisions and rewritings. The next question is – How to write it? Make it similar to a plan that will help you understand what you should include in every section of your essay. This plan has to have certain points, such as:


Here you need to provide the general focus of your reflection. Your introduction has to be direct in describing the aspects of the experience you are going to share in your paper.

Main body

This part makes up the most of your essay. Split it into three paragraphs:

  • Paragraph 1: Depict the event and share your feelings about it.
  • Paragraph 2: Demonstrate the good and bad sides of this event.
  • Paragraph 3: Analyze your experience, applying cause-and-effect and compare-and-contrast techniques.

As you can see, in the main body, you need to organize your thoughts. Use an easy-to-follow chronology and logical order describing the event. Dwell on what impact it had on you and what you learnt from it.


Write a summary of the main points of your essay, as well as your key reflections on the experience.

Never consider writing an outline a waste of time. The time you’ve spent on drafting your outline is totally worth it. Creating a good outline will considerably facilitate your writing. With this plan in front of you, you will have the structure of your essay, keep in mind all details you need to add, and describe your experience in the best way possible.


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