Political Culture in Texas

Texas is a peculiar state in terms of its political culture and the influence this culture has on local communities and state policies. What is more, this state has a significant impact on the country’s national politics since it is among those states that help local politicians become the federal political elite. Therefore, studying the political culture of Texas can aid one with understanding how both local and national politics function.

Types of Political Culture

There are three types of political culture: individualistic, moralistic, and traditionalistic. The first one focuses on the needs of the individuals rather than the community in an attempt to make sure that they enjoy all the main human rights. This political culture tries to avoid excessive intrusion of the government into the economy and social life of individuals.

The second one suggests that an individual is not as important as a society. States with this culture aim at making their government look good in the eyes of its citizens. At the same time, such states often tend to have great control over social, economic, and other areas of the life of the state. In such states, individual interests are often neglected for the sake of a community.

The third one presupposes little interference in social and economic areas and is founded on traditional cultural and political views. Its main aim is to maintain the current social order and traditional social system.

Political Culture of Texas

Texas is characterized as the state where one political party prevails, and this party is the Republican Party known for its traditional views and conservatism. Democrats are far from being popular here. This can be explained by the fact that the state has a historical predisposition towards the traditionalistic political culture.

An interesting fact about Texas is that the turnout of voters here is never high, which is again, a feature of the traditionalistic political culture. The local population rarely changes their political views, and the general situation in the state or changes in policies do not play a significant role here.


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