Abortion Question: Yes or No?

Abortion is one of the most controversial topics all over the world. No other theme caused so much arguable discussions as this choice of life or death. As every debatable question, it has advocates as well as opponents. On one hand, nobody gave anyone the right to choose whether a baby should live or die. The opponents of abortion compare this inhumane deed to a murder, claiming that even an unborn child is an individual. On the other hand, the supporters of this idea argue that it is only a woman who can decide whether to give birth to a child or not. It is her body and no one else has the right to make choices concerning her health.

Compromise on Abortion: Is there any?

Despite the fact that abortion had been practiced for hundreds of years, only in the XIX ct. it became extremely popular. However, for more than a hundred years it was conducted illegally, in unsanitary conditions, causing several diseases, severe bleedings, incurable inflections and even death. Can you believe that all these horrible results existed slightly more than 20 years ago? Since the 1970-s, there have been professionals, who take care of abortion properly as a legal medical surgery. Nowadays, women’s deaths are extremely rare with one accident per 160,000 operations; they are usually caused by weak health and heart problems. What is more, the chances to die while caring a baby are 10 times higher than making an abortion.

Another reason that guides abortion supporters is the notion of life. You cannot call a human something that has no brain, no heart and understands nothing about what is going around. Once this creature is not a human, getting rid of it is not a murder. They consider a fetus to be a thing, arguing that it cannot decide anything. Nobody remembers himself or herself staying in the mother’s womb, being covered with placenta, and being fed through a weird tube in the belly bottom. The advocates state, that it is impossible to deprive a person of life, if there is no life at all. If one cannot deal with something, it is better to get rid of this something.

The ultimate reason in favor of abortion is the bad coincidence. Imagine a woman who was raped by a maniac at the age of 16. Sounds horrible, however, more than real. In that case, you get the undesired child that ruins your friends or your entire life. From this moment, you must forget about yourself, private life and all the dreams, focusing on bringing up that kid. Why should not you get rid of it? Because people consider it to be a murder. No! Nowadays, there are more and more people, who approve abortion and perceive it as a normal process of survival. If you want to preserve a child that was not a part of your life, nobody is going to discourage you from doing it. It is up to you, whether to safe an unborn or get rid of it forever.


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