Census Bureau Report on Immigration for 2000 to 2010

The modern world is a place where different people meet, communicate, and integrate into each other’s society. The phenomena, which has already become an integral part of the U.S. culture, is immigration. Starting from the 1860s and by the end of the 1920s, the foreign-born population in the country composed around 14 percent. In the 20th century, the average number increased by about 10 percent; today, it is about 13 percent (Llosa, 2013). The main objective of the following paper is to review how the number related to immigration has changed in the USA in 2010 comparing to 2000.

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Unfortunately, many economists describe the performance of the USA during the last decade as the one with many ‘lost jobs’. The amount of jobs available on the market from 2000 until 2010 has significantly declined. The amounts of immigrants who have entered the country have reached record numbers. The official data submitted public by Census Bureau stated that as of 2010 the number of immigrants has reached 40 million, which is the highest number in the history of USA. Being specific, since 2000 till 2010 there has been around 14 million of immigrants who set themselves both legally and illegally within America.  Moreover, during this period the net decline of the jobs market has been the highest during this decade. Just to compare some numbers, in the period from 1990 to 2000 there has been a significant job growth equal to 22 million with 13,5 million of immigrants-newcomers. The reasons why so many immigrants enter the country may vary, depending on the their wishes, as many of them strive to access higher level of public services or join the relatives, which result into high immigration rates even during economic declines.

Thereafter, the data and information used in the following paper comes directly from the Census Bureau conducted with the help of ACS. It included the most relevant data in relation to growth and size of the population of the nation in terms of immigration. The sampling data has covered around 4,5 million of individuals.

The main information that was gathered by the Census was that the number of immigrants has reached 40 million in 2010. The number related to population of immigrant has doubled since 1990 and increased by three times since 1980, four times higher than in 1970 when the number was only 9,7 million.  Out of 40 million of immigrants, around 14 million have entered the USA in 2000 even despite the significant decrease of available jobs at the labor market. The growth in these numbers is mostly affected by the high amount of those who enter the country on full legal basis and are considered legal immigrants.

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The dominant player in immigration rate increase is Latin America. People, who come from that region and countries there account  for 58 percent of all growth numbers from 2000 to 2010. The top-immigrating country is considered Mexico, which sends nearly 12 million immigrants that is 29 percent of the whole number calculated from 2000 to 2010. What is important to mention is that in 1990 there was only one country that has sent more than one million immigrants, while by the 2010 there have been already four such countries. The average age of an immigrant is 41.4 years old.

The Census does not distinguish documented and undocumented immigrants. Actually, the report released by ACS speaks about people who were not born in the USA and are not citizens. It covers those people, who possess a long-term temporary visas (students as an example), illegal aliens, naturalized American citizens, guest workers, legal permanent residents (those who have green cards). The ACS did not include into the sampling those who were born abroad by American parents or in outlying territories of the U.S. The indication of Census Bureau also made a remark about around 5 percent of the population of immigrants that might have been missed (Camarota, 2014).

The brief reports revealed by the Census Bureau also included information on household income, ratios of employment and population, health insurance coverage and other relevant data. Thereafter, the government has passed a series of laws that would help the Americans get the healthcare insurance coverage.  The Affordable Care Act was signed in order to help people who have lost full-time employment and now can purchase plan related to health insurance individually.  The report that is related to ratios of employment and population resembles the data of economic condition of some metropolitan areas and how the situation has fluctuated due to global economic recession especially from 2007 to 2009. There has been a significant decline by 4,9 percent. Around 50 big metropolitan areas have faced the consequences of the crisis, with the further decline in 2010 of ratios of employment and population. Moreover, eight metropolitan areas out of those 50 have experienced worse decline in comparison to the nation in general. The US median household income has also decreased due to recession, which is stated in the report by the Census Bureau for 2000 to 2010 Moreover, the ACS reported information about the language, and by 2009 80 percent of the children aged 5 used the English language to communicate at home, while other 20 percent spoke foreign language. The most commonly used was Spanish and next after it was Chinese, Tagalog, French and others (Cohn, 2011).

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There are different sources of information for undocumented immigrants, which are mainly made public by governmental organizations and posted on official websites. The example to that might be Immigration and Nationality Act and others. Speaking about other important matter related to the culture of healthcare and what impact the immigration has on it, it is important to make a statement that because of a high number of immigrants the healthcare system has experienced a number of reforms and modifications. Unfortunately, issues that are more serious also occur due to high number of immigrants.

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