My Personal Relationship to the Idea of “Responsibility”

Responsibility is a term used to refer to the act of being accountable for something. It extends to having a duty to complete a certain mission by being in charge of it and governing how the mission is done. When we have to care for something either for protection or to provide services, we are responsible for that.

As human beings, we are responsible for a lot of things that go on in our life. As the only inhabitants of the Earth, we have the duty to make sure that we protect the planet. We are also responsible for world peace and the preservation of life (Schmidtz & Goodin, 1998). Human beings are also accountable for their health and social status. Furthermore, it can be said that we are responsible for each other.

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When I was a child, most of the responsibility fell onto my parents, because I was in their care and depended upon them for everything I needed. My naivety did not allow me to be responsible enough to care for myself hence needing my parents’ or guardians’ help.

Adult human beings undergo a lot in their lives. When I attained the age of eighteen, my parents relinquished all control they had over me; it was when I realized I had become an adult and it was time for me to behave like one. I had to make decisions concerning every aspect of my life including health, finances, and education among others. I was in control of everything I felt I needed or should do. I had a duty to be who I wan; that all depended on me enabling me to make the best decisions I could.

I am responsible for my health. Every decision regarding my health has to be made with the utmost care possible to detail. I believe I am accountable for trying to stay healthy with respect to my immune system. I undergo annual medical checkups, I am on a diet not to get overweight but to make sure my body has the right amount of food, and I exercise very single day.

I believe I am accountable for my education. I am personally responsible for my future which is directly related to my academic success. I try to be as disciplined as possible in managing my study schedules and focusing on educative events that will allow quick sufficient academic progression. This extends to the kind of behavior I show towards my peers, teachers, and community members. I believe such awareness of the personal responsibility will be monumental in my education.

I am not totally financially dependent on my parents; they pay my academic fees, and I am responsible for the rest of my expences. I do part-time jobs that enable me to manage through my semesters and make sure that I have all I need. This financial dependence is a responsibility I am accountable for.

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I am a very devoted Christian. I believe that we should be very religious and follow God’s instructions in order to live a humble life. The faith we need to live a quality human life with good morals and enviable virtues can only be attained if we are responsible for our religious stance (Raatma & Murphy, 2000). I go to church every weekend and participate in church activities, choir, and development projects.

Unfortunately, I cannot feel irresponsible for something irrespective of the fact that it lessens the burden. As human beings, we live as social creatures and are therefore directly or indirectly related to each other. Thus, we are responsible for each other and every action we take (Schmidtz & Goodin, 1998).

I am very concerned about the environment, and I believe that we should be seriously responsible for the protection and care of the environment (Young,  2011). In recent years, it has been common to see dumping of toxic wastes in the oceans, deforestation, and killing of exotic wildlife (Honoré, 1999). We are destroying what has been sustaining us since the beginning of time after which, we all try and “save” the Earth. However, is that really possible? How can we save something that was there even before we, human beings, started to exist? We are at the mercy of the environment and live on earth, because it allows us to survive.

This revelation came upon me when I realized how careless and ignorant we have been as human beings. This has taken us to the point of being careless with our natural provider – the Earth. The gravity of the situation can only be realized by comparing geological and geographical maps of past and present (Cane, 2002). At that point, we get to know that we, human beings, custodians of the Earth, have failed in our duty to care for what was given to us for our benefit and survival.

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I am very serious concerning the issues of peace. At times, it is beyond my control, but I feel very responsible for the peace in the world. I believe that issues of this type should be of utmost importance and concern for every human being. When we pick up our weapons and wage war against each other, we are destroying the most precious gift given to us – life. We fail not only in our duty to preserve life but also to be responsible for the conservation of the purity in a human being, which, I believe, is lost once a person destroys the peace and tranquility of the world.

World leaders who entrusted with the responsibility of maintaining world peace are failing, which is very saddening given the magnitude of such an issue. The seriousness of the matter makes me aspire to be a peace activist and wage a war to make peace mandatory. Why should we have terrorists, murderers, and criminals in our society? We should give world peace the seriousness it deserves and take important measures making sure it is attained and preserved (Thoennes, 2005).

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