Racial Microaggressions in Everyday Life

Racial Microaggression is a social psychology theory that tries to explain the interaction between groups of different races. It poses mostly negative attitude like unfairness justice, emotional pain, and inequality between people of different races. Such acts might be intentional or unintentional through perceiving.

Question 1. Evaluate and discuss the reasons for your answers to allfour alternatives, which complete the following statement –

In order to be most effective in working with clients…

  1. It Is Very Important to Have Information about the Client’s Culture or Ethnicity As Well Gender Identity.

It is important for a counselor to have a therapeutic relation with the client since it will streamline positive counseling to assist the client irrespective of his/her gender and culture and prevent the professional from bias outcomes and stereotype situations. People of different colors have different ethnic backgrounds. Black and white people face ethnic microaggression. Hypothesis considered Africans as criminals, dangerous, and deviant people. Assumptions portrayed Americans to be cleaver, having successful careers with lots of honesty. Black man used to be servant to American people. Multiculturalism is an imperative ideology for psychologists since it will prevent them from focusing on one race. Several strategies, appropriate interventions, and techniques are helpful in treatment session. The treatment session will become successful in the mental health services. Cross-cultural counseling is important since the counselor will have the client’s history background through alternative sources or friends. Attending to a patient of a different race, the psychologist needs to be practically experienced with rich skills in order to formulate new thoughts quickly, and be prolific to curb racial microaggression in everyday life situations. Gender identity poses challenges to the equality between man and woman. Women face microaggression with beliefs that they are not fit to hold big offices, not to be decision makers, etc.

2. It Is Necessary to Be Clear about One’s Own Values and Worldviews

One’s values and worldviews are all about traditions and sociopolitical issues. An understanding of someone’s values is crucial during the therapeutic session. The worldview of people is that some are superior to others, desirable and undesirable. If a counselor is black and the client is white, the counselor should have multi-cultural skills as for the client’s values to handle the situation and curb racial microaggression. Morals and worldviews are inherent in our functional societies. Factors like sexual orientation, gender, and race fall into this category (Sue, 2010). Research suggests that none of the people in society can run away from inheriting the above traits. Oppressive worldviews on racial microaggression bring about marginalization of people. Knowing the client’s values and cultural practices is important in soothing the relationship in the working condition.

3. One Should Recognize That Symptoms Might Have Different Meaning in Different Context

Daily routine, with experience of racial microaggression, poses stress to human beings, which affects health status of the person. Sue, et al. (2008) concluded that racial differences that diminish an individual image bring about physiological and physiological arousal, which has a negative effect on health. Stress affects people’s physical comfort. Symptoms exposed are headache, stomach problems, and even sore throat. Racial microaggression negatively affects health status of someone, which becomes complicated for the counselor to read the problem and assist the patient. Symptoms might have different meanings in a different context. One may have poor health because of weak immune system, which is biological as to how a person maintains the diet system. On the contrary, one can be sick suffering from psychophysiological issues, which is associated with microaggression in daily life. The counselor should have clear background information of the client: what the client suffers from, and the changes he/she encounters in his/her new life. Through the routine, different dimensions, separated from the main view, and the main causes of symptoms are achievable.

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4. As Long As One Treats All Others the Same and Pays No Attention to Race, Or Ethnicity, It Is Likely That a Good Outcome Will Come

Professionals should perform their job professionally without any personal interest, then racial aggression will be geared to a standstill. It is only achievable through ethical competency and having multicultural skills working within a diverse environment (Sue, 2010). Through positive education that intends to curb racial microaggression, races will have it thrown to the dustbin. People will view each other equally and through physical emotions and health challenges will be living positively as a community. A shift is observed from negative order of viewing people with different color to positive impression.

Question 2. In the Case If Rape Were Legal find examples of and explainhow the interactions between Yalom and Carlos provide examples of…

a. Automatic Thoughts

Automatic thoughts are ideas that streamlined in people’s minds during stressful moments. The thought considered negative has an effect on the patient. When someone has an automatic thought then the person is not thinking realistic. Yalom had a patient named Carlos, who was suffering from cancer. Carlos’s mind was cross-checking about screwing women and if rape was legal, impression of raping was in Carlos automatic thought. Carlos forgot that the death was about to come and never minded of his diminishing body. An encounter with death or almost being dead changes the mind’s thinking from negative to positive. Yalom changed Carlos’s thoughts and so did Fyodor Dostoyevsky. Automatic thoughts make someone refuse to accept that in the real sense all those characters are in their life.

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